May 24, 2022


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Tier Link building could turn fatal if not done the right way!

What Is Tiered Link Building? - Prospected

Back in the days when Google had announced that its EAT principle will be having a watch over links, many dreams had fallen dead. For many, who were working around the clock to build an indirect authority, food on the dinner table had gone rotten. Cries were being heard. Those who were flaunting tier link building till were seen cowering in the dark. But did it actually mean that tier link building is gone tale? Or was there something that people were actually not able to see in grief? Only those who had taken genuine Link building Packages United States did survive. We tried to contact PerfectLinkBuilding USA about what actually happened, and their experts gave us an insight into it. This article will try to share that insight alone, alongside what could be done now about it.

What truly is Tier Link building?

First, we’ll bring the simplest definition to you, and then we’ll try to simplify it further using symbolism.

Tier Link Building is a way to create backlinks for the backlinks of your primary website. It means that we are creating links for the websites that are creating direct links to your main website. Still hard to grasp the real essence? We share an example that after our Contact PerfectLinkBuilding USA served us with.

We all know how recommendations work in real life. If you go to an interview after being recommended by someone known to the interviewing company, chances of your selection soar up infinite. This is what networking does in real life. You would get recommended to someone in need if you’ll have links. But why will the interviewer believe the recommendation? The answer is because the recommendation holds authority and expertise and is further backed by someone else. It is like a tree. Here is another example.

Suppose you are looking to buy diamond jewelry for your beloved daughter. There is this guy who recommends you a shop. This is a direct link. But why would you believe that guy? Because you have heard good things about him through many other people. These people are not directly connected to you but through that person you know. This brings on the types of tier link building.

Types of tier link building!

You might look at link building as one sole thing. However, there is much depth to it. There are three tiers that serve some value in the link building.

  • First Tier
  • Second Tier
  • Third Tier

Yes, this simple!

First Tier Link Building!

First Tier links are those that point back, or link, directly to your main website. It is a direct recommendation from websites about you. But for people to believe in your value, those websites must hold some expertise and authority in the field. If you deal in baseball bats, then a direct recommendation from Will Smith really won’t make people believe in you. For people to believe in your company the recommendation must come from Barry Bonds or Mike Trout. This is expertise and authority speaking. This is Google’s EAT principle assessing those links.

If the first-tier links are spam, then they would only hurt you. You will get penalized or even banned from servers. Back when there was no such algorithm, people were farming links and fooling Google into believing that their website is famous. Fake companies were offering link building packages (United States). PerfectLinkBuilding (USA) suggests being wary of them. But now things have turned different.

Google now has ultra-high computing power, works on A.I. and Machine Learning. If you think you can fool it, then change your plans. But getting first-tier links with high DA and PA scores is a costly affair. Already famous websites would be charging much from you to link back. This is why people try to create multiple websites. This is not a black hat practice, but it soon becomes if left morally unattended. We will tell you what precautions to take.

Second Tier Link Building as a PerfectLinkBuilding strategy!

Now, because first-tier links are a costly affair, people try to create websites from themselves. However, there are some genuine companies that offer affordable link building packages (United States). We all know how important are expert SEO and LinkBuilding services to create a brand value that holds a long-term vision. If you have the budget, we suggest you go for the expertise. It pays off times multiplied. It is an investment, not an expense. Contact PerfectLinkBuilding USA if truly hold a vision for a long inning. Otherwise, we explain how second-tier link building is a double-edged sword.

Google takes hundreds of factors while deciding which website to recommend on the SERP. Its aim is one and one alone, which is to provide a better user experience. It does not want to see users wander here and there through many websites for a simple query. This is why it sieves a website through hundreds of layers. But some of these layers are too important. We lay down a few for you:

  • The quality of your content. Good quality content leads to lower bounce rate and higher retention rate.
  • The quality of the website, its structure, and how smooth experience it provides. Core Web Vitals take care of this.
  • How much of expertise and knowledge do links hold? EAT principle (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) takes care of this.
  • And now the quality of those websites that link to you.

If you are creating first-tier websites for your primary website, then we suggest you try to provide genuine value to people and not just create another digital noise. First-tier websites will only be seen as valuable by Google if they would have some good websites backing them up too. This is the work of second-tier websites. The game is not easy, we know, but it would only and only pay you when you work hard on them. Another option is to go for link-building packages if you don’t have the budget.

Third Tier Link building!

Now, these are further websites that back your second-tier websites. We know, it is more than just hard work. But to make things work, you have to create some fair quality, not high quality, just fair quality backlinks. It is a race to the presidency where the candidate for the presidency is your main website. But know that doing it is like flying a plane. As far as you do the things right, the plane flies, otherwise, it stalls down to the deep sea. Put your complete creative energy on first and second-tier websites. Make them have high-quality content and have a high DA and PA score.

PerfectLinkBuilding USA on the scope of tier-link building!

The competition is high and the websites are in million. Here are some simple stats for you to consider:

  • There are around 1.88 Billion websites on the internet.
  • 75% of people do not open the second SERP page on Google.
  • 90.63 % of all websites get zero ‘0’ traffic from traffic from organic search. Around 5% get under 10 visits per month.

This is not to instill dread in you; this is to give you some insights on how to walk on these digital lawns. There are only two ways: either to work very hard and provide quality to the internet, or to get the expertise from those who know how things work. Link Building is crucial. We suggest you go for some good link building packages (United States) that offer high-quality DA, DR, and PR links. Contact PerfectLinkBuilding (USA) if you already have some plans. Website is a species on its own, and these experts know the perfect parenting skills for it.