May 24, 2022


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Negative SEO and backlinks – How competitors are harming you secretly!

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You are doing everything right in your life, but still, there is something that is stopping you from reaching that state of bliss. It keeps you awake all night in thought and yet not an idea of what is wrong! But this is life in its very pure essence. It is wild around and people do immoral things for better survival. Similar things happen when we talk of this digital world called the Internet. We do everything right, but competitors lurk around with their vicious minds. You buy backlinks (USA), quality backlinks, SEO Packages, put your precious money and efforts, but still see that there is something wrong with your linking. We understand you, and thus we tell you how to escape out and heal your website when faced with such a scenario.

The tragedy of backlinks and negative SEO!

Let’s put it straight away in brief before you. Negative SEO is a way that, most commonly, competitors use to impact your website negatively. They use spammy backlinks and point them at rivals’ websites. Still don’t get it? We lay down here a real-life example before you.

Suppose you are striving to become a politician in your locality. You have strived all your life to create a neat image among the public. We do not doubt your intentions. You truly want to serve the public. But there are others too in your city who want that position. Now, it is basic psychology that we do not vote for a person who has a foul image. Negative cases in past life act against the brand. This spurs your competitor’s mind to look for ways to put you down. And then he starts creating foul scenes in which you somehow get involved. The public finds out that you have links with gangsters and criminals. This is a way to char the neat image before the crowd.

Similar things happen in the internet world. Here websites strive to jump up in the SERP. This is fundamental to us. But then, who takes the decision about which website should go up and which should not? The answer is search engines. They lookout for ways to analyze the content and quality of a website and thus recommend it against a query raised by the user. There are many factors that it takes into consideration to evaluate a website. We call these factors as ranking factors. Link-Building is one of those many ranking factors. It actually is very crucial. People buy backlinks (USA) for this very reason. But there is much to this story.

How does link-building work?

Link-Building looks at how famous a website is among the many websites over the servers. It is as, how famous is a man among the crowd. And how does a person reach that state of fame? Through knowledge, expertise, and link-building. Websites work similarly. They look for how many backlinks a website has. However, there is a catch.

Alike real life, where people can have many bad links and could actually be infamous, websites can have many bad links and could be infamous. But it was not so in the earlier days of Google. Back then it only used to look at how many links a website has pointing back to itself. And people were using all blackhat tactics like link-farming or buying spam links to fool Google. Now things have changed and Google has grown smart. Now it evaluates the quality of links too. To evaluate, it takes many things into consideration like DA, PA, IP, Domain Age, Expertise, Country of origin, etc. If a website has many spammy websites pointing back to itself, Google takes it into question and penalizes the website. The worst happens in the form of a permanent ban on the servers of search engines.

Competitors use this very thing to defile the image of their rivals. Because they know that too many spam links pointing at a website degrades its quality, they buy backlinks (USA), too many spammy backlinks, and point them towards their rival. This brings down the website of their rival. This very thing is called Negative SEO. But Google knows about it, and thus it has provided ways to deal with it.

How to deal with Negative SEO?

First of all, you have to find out if you have spammy links pointing back at your website. If you have no idea of how to deal with them, we suggest you hire some good SEO and web design agency. Digital White Labels, No 1 Web Design Company, has a team of experts that nourish the website towards growth and long-term survival. Otherwise, we lay down some steps to discover the spam links:

  • Choose one from the many tools out there in the market to identify spam backlinks. Know that most of them are paid.
  • If you don’t want to use these tools then you might have to do it manually. For this, use Google Analytics.
  • Using a tool like Moz, Ahrefs, come handy and take your efforts of selecting them manually.

Once you have identified the spam link, it is time to convey it all to Google. For this, Google has provided a tool. This tool is known as the Disavow Tool. Here is how to use it.

  • Check all your links and sift out those you think are spam.
  • Make a list of all these foul links and compile them in a .txt format file.
  • Submit the compiled list to this Disavow Tool –

This way Google will take note of it and ignore these links the next time while assessing your website. If you do not have any idea about and do not want to mess up with things, go for SEO services. There are SEO companies that provide quality backlinks with high DA and PA scores. While you buy backlinks (USA), make sure that they have some quality. There are many companies out there that lure people with cheap prices and quick results. People get lured easily and this costs them brutally in the future. We suggest you check Digital White Labels, No 1 Web Design Company.

So now you know how to deal with vicious minds around. Keep on checking for spam links. It is not a one-time activity. You have to be frequent at this. Slight ignorance can cost you time and effort.