February 25, 2024

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Gorilla Glass Victus is twice as tough: First look – Video

Corning new Gorilla Glass victus is here and it promises to make phones tougher against drops and scratches.
So maybe your next phone could be a lot better at surviving one of these.
Under normal circumstances, I’d probably be subjecting this glass to my own set of durability tests.
But instead, we get to see how Corning puts its own glass through the ringer and the slopper at its test labs in New York.
Since the launch of Gorilla Glass 6 in 2018, the company has been working on toughening up its glass This time rather than just drop resistance, they’ve also made scratch resistance a top priority.
We saw Gorilla Glass victus survive a two meter drop compared to the max 1.6 meter drop for Gorilla Glass six, and it’s twice as scratch resistant, and it’s the combination of both these qualities that’s gonna make your phone a lot tougher to crack even after multiple faults.
If your phone hits a smooth surface, chances are it won’t break.
But if it falls on a rough surface, then it’s game over.
Even if it doesn’t break right away once you introduce a scratch, the glass becomes much more vulnerable to cracks and it gets weaker and weaker over time.
That’s why Corning uses sandpaper to drop test devices because it closely resembles the texture of asphalt.
But it’s one thing to see it from Corning.
And it’s a whole other thing to actually drop your phone on the sidewalk.
The good news is we won’t have to wait long to see Gorilla Glass victus out in the wild and test it out for ourselves.
Courtney says that Samsung will be the first manufacturer to use it in its phones.
And judging by the launch cycle, that means Means the next galaxy notes and potentially the next iPhones after that Apple has been using Gorilla Glass on its phones since the original iPhone, but even if they’re using the same type of glass don’t expect the same results across the board.
That’s because Corning works hand in hand with manufacturers to tweak the glass to make sure that it fits the exact needs of each individual device.
Plus there’s a lot of factors that affect the durability of the glass thickness, the shape, curved or not.
And the weight of the phone can greatly affect how much damage it can handle.
And it’s not just the front and the back glass, it’s getting tougher.
According said we could also expect the camera to toughen up as well.
This has been a sore spot lately as the modules have become bigger, bigger and have crammed more lenses in.
As for their bendable glass, well this one’s not it.
But the company says it’s still working on that bendable glass solution that we got to see Sneak peek of a few years ago.
And while it may not be ready for primetime now it is coming to the foldable phones of the future.
In the meantime, they’ll be plenty for us to test once these new phones hit the market.
And who knows, maybe this is the glass that finally convinces us to ditch the case.
Maybe even the screen protector to

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