May 30, 2023

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Apple’s 2030 carbon neutral plan, Xbox Games Showcase – Video

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Apple on Tuesday unveiled a plan to become carbon neutral across its entire business, including its supply chain and product life cycles.
By 2030.
The iPhone maker laid out a 10 year plan focused on a handful of key areas.
Including low carbon product design, expanding energy efficiency, renewable energy, process and material innovations and carbon removal.
Apple said it plans to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030, while using quote developing innovative carbon removal solutions to take care of the remaining 25% of its carbon footprint Microsoft held an Xbox game showcase, the world got to see gameplay footage of Halo Infinite.
This time the game will feature worlds larger than the past to Halo games combined.
Apart from Halo infinite there were glimpses of games like Forza, Fable and State of Decay Three.
Microsoft said that every game seen in the showcase will be accessible using its subscription service game pass.
And finally, Corning has a new version of its Gorilla Glass.
That’s the glass found on lots of smart devices.
The newest edition is called Gorilla Glass victus and it can survive drops of up to two meters.
The previous generation could only withstand a drop of 1.6 Corning says victus is also twice as scratch resistant as the last generation.
The company also said Samsung will introduce the first Gorilla Glass victus devices in the very near future.
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