June 18, 2024

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YES! Custom Student Reports in Schoolytics


I have been waiting for this all school year! How is each student doing on critical thinking tasks? Creativity tasks? Group discussions? Schoolytics just added a new feature to their student profile tables. Notice along the top there are 3 tabs: Summary, By Assignment Categories, and Student Activity.

To view assignment categories you need to add hashtags to the assignment descriptions. This truly is one of my favorite things about Schoolytics. I can choose what information I want to know about students. Simply by adding #classwork to the description of the Google Classroom assignment you can see how students perform on in-class assignments compared to #homework assignments.

Customize the data you want to track!

Google Classroom posting with added hashtags to the assignment description.

Tracking Critical Thinking

I am really into Depth of Knowledge (Critical Thinking). There are 4 DOK levels and I like to add #DOK1 #DOK2 #DOK3 or #DOK4 to all of my assignment descriptions in Google Classroom. I press enter a couple of times and add all of my hashtags for anything I want to track.

How Am I Doing?

In Schoolytics I want to look up how many of my assignments are #DOK2 and #DOK3. On the Assignment Tags table I can find how my students are doing as a class on each of the hashtags, and assignment tags, that I have included.

Consistency is Key

I have been consistent all year to label all of my assignments with what DOK level it is. If it is group work or individual. Class discussion or Chromebook task. Which of the 4 C’s is the assignment? Then I can drill down to see how often do students have choice? Are they asked to do creative tasks? How do they manage with Quizizz assignments vs projects?

I can not answer what is and is not working without having a way to measure it.

When I am consistent with adding hashtags to my assignment descriptions I can drill down and answer all kinds of questions.

Share Your Assignments

A beta feature of Schoolytics Library is the ability to SHARE assignments. When I add my assignments to the Schoolytics workspace there is an option to SHARE. I can filter the assignment workspace by hashtag to share my higher critical thinking assignments.

Add hashtags to assignment descriptions #DOK2 highlighted in a Google Classroom assignment showing directions.
Screenshot of Schoolytics Content Library displaying Google Classroom Assignment.

By Student

On the left hand side of Schoolytics select the “Students” table.

Tables menu and students is selected


Next to a student’s name is the “Drilldown” icon. This gives you all kinds of wonderful information about a student’s performance along with the ability to download a progress report to a Google Doc.

Assignment Hashtags

Notice on the individual student drilldown is 3 tabs along the top. “By assignment categories” is how you can find out how a student is doing on each of your hashtags. Super insightful!

By Assignment Categories tab

By Tag or Topic

I am able to see how many assignments a student was assigned that particular hashtag. What is their completion average. This is very helpful to know what kinds of assignments they engage in. I also get the points average so I can tell how well they do on assignments like this.

I can also break down by TOPIC! I personally organize my Google Classroom Classwork page by weeks. So I can see week by week how the student is doing.

Try Out Schoolytics

Go to your Google Classroom class. Edit some assignments by adding any hashtags you want to the assignment descriptions. Then head over to your free Schoolytics account to drill down by student to see how they are performing. Want to learn more? Sign up for a free teacher workshop with Dr. Anna Hartranft.

YES! Custom Student Reports in Schoolytics

You determine the information you want to know about students. Use hashtags in Google Classroom assignments so you can see BY STUDENT how they are performing.

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