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What to expect from Star Trek: Discovery’s big season 3 time jump – Video

So after two seasons of exploring the nooks and crannies of the Kirk era Star Trek, discovery catapults 950 years into the future for season three, it’s a huge departure for the show.
What can we expect to see from this big shake The world that they come into is very, very different than the one they left there.
It’s actually 930 years ahead.
So what that does is it takes us just beyond all established canon.
So, really in terms of storytelling, it’s fresh snow.
Where are they As the season begins.
When we begin the season our characters have are just coming through the wormhole, which is where we left them.
In Episode 214 last year, they will, come through and land somewhere.
I can’t tell you where they will land or what they’ll do when they’ll get there, or will spoil that.
But I can tell you that one of the first things they’ll be looking for is
Did they achieve their goal because going through the wormhole was about saving sentient life from season two, and making sure that there is sentient life in this new future that they’ve entered.
Is, is the first question The Last Of course, the answer is yes, that’s not a spoiler or we wouldn’t have a season three because there would be no people.
So they did achieve their goal.
I can’t tell you that, And, and then it’s a question of who are they now, you know, when they left and season two, they left everything behind.
Anyone who was not on this ship that was in their orbit, their family, their friends, everything that was familiar to them they left behind and so They are very much.
They’re a family unit and connected in a really new and much deeper way when they come into this new future because they are all they have.
They’re kind of strangers in a strange land figuring out this new world as they go and that gives us chances to learn a lot more about, About who they are to challenge them in new ways to see how each of these characters individually will grow.
And some of that will come out with the new characters we introduce it’s this is not a spoiler he’s in the trailer everybody knows David ajala is joining us this season as as book .>> Feelin book, were introduced to this new character in the first episode of the new season.
What’s really cool about the introduction of this episode is you see Cleveland Booker in a high stakes Chase.
He’s on a very personal mission, which we’ll understand throughout the season what he does.
Here’s a character who has grown up in this new world who’s gonna become kind of a guide for Burnham once she lands and she’s in this new future.
And, seeing him challenge her.
We will get to learn new things about her and as our characters face unique challenges over the course of the season, we’ll get to learn new things about all of them.
We see that the red Angel Michael Burnham literary crash lands on to Cleveland book a ship and then they [SOUND] Land on a new planet, which will be revealed soon, and the former relationship, which will allow Cleveland Booker to become integrated withing the federation.
But still keep that sense of self identity within the Federation, he doesn’t lose himself within the Federation.
Hopefully, the Federation of Cleveland Booker’s should complement each other.
There were a lot of fascinating concepts you played with the previous season like the spore network.
Obviously, time travel was a big deal last year.
What What tech we sort of see you guys embrace for this next season?
I hope this isn’t giving something.
I don’t want to give it away.
There is some new tech that we will explore this season.
I hesitate to say only because I don’t wanna give it away but, but I will say that, again in the tradition of honoring what has come before and then also pushing that forward.
There are some new tech elements that we will see this season.
His ship is very advanced.
So, later on in the season we’ll see how [UNKNOWN] is able to offer his services.
Especially not just because of his understanding of the new world but because of the ship he has.
So he’s able to collaborate with the federation and do missions that they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to do.
He has access to the some unsavory parts of the world.
You are back [LAUGH] That is an intriguing tease.
I’m obviously seen at the tech side.
So I want to talk about the tech and the tech and Star Trek and particularly what can you talk about what can you tease with some of this unsavory technology capabilities that hackers access to I call this gun Tallulah, Tallulah means small but mighty.
So really small gun like that.
And it’s the one that Cleveland Booker actually uses in the trailer.
It’s a gun that you pull out, and then you push it in and then it shoots.
That gun, in terms of technology and being 1000 years into the future, Is mightily impressive.
The show has last two seasons wrestled with continuity in Canon and making sure everything is working out and in step with previous series but how freeing is it to get out of the constraints of Canon and really kind of go Go wow go free with what you really want to explore with Star Trek,>> Even as we’re going on hundred and 30 years ahead and even as we’re going beyond established canon, what is what was super important to us throughout the development of season three is to make sure that we’re honoring existing canon, but going into the future allows us to look at these things in a new way.
Species that we know from series past.
Maybe we interact with them in a different way this season, maybe alliances have shifted.
Folks, are friends who didn’t used to be friends or enemies who didn’t used to be enemies, going so far into the future allows us to do all of those sorts of things.

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