May 24, 2022


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Web development by TRIARE

Web Development Services on Demand

During its existence, TRIARE has created hundreds of websites for businesses, startups and government agencies. We cooperate with both start-up entrepreneurs and well-known industrial companies and corporations.

Our activity

  1. We develop corporate identity and individual design websites. Each project is unique: we program cost calculators, filters, cards, delivery and payment modules. We are working on product cards, making effective portfolios and a blog. After development, we provide warranty technical support.
  1. Has the site been developed? Time to receive applications. We set up and conduct online advertising, offer SEO promotion services, accompany your brand on social networks and article resources, and are engaged in content marketing.
  1. At the next stage of cooperation, we can move on to work on traffic. We send detailed reports on the goals achieved, record the number of calls, letters and requests from the site. We create and adjust your online strategy.

The most popular types of our developments

  1. A selling page containing information about one product, service or event is created for advertising or PR-activity. Such a page “catches” the visitor from the first seconds and leads to the targeted action (purchase, registration, application) – through the advantages, detailed descriptions and videos to the order form and contacts. Having received complete information about your event, product or service, the user will be ready to order.
  1. The catalog site helps to present all goods and services with detailed descriptions, characteristics, diagrams, advantages and an order form. Do you need frequent changes in prices and assortment? We can customize file import and parsing from vendor sites. So that the user can easily select the desired product, we will make filters, add blocks with related products, display a search box.
  1. Online stores using our developments get a wide choice of payment systems implementation, micro-markup, multi-level catalogs. Hundreds of thousands of products and positions can be placed in our functionality. This makes it possible to organize effective trading on the Internet.

Why do you need TRIARE?

Our advantages are:

  1. reliability, proven by long-term work;
  1. high level of training of employees;
  1. application of the latest IT technologies.

Do you want to get a commercially successful website, stay ahead of the competition in search, or attract new customers? Go to our resource, contact TRIARE representatives and receive a personalized commercial offer.