September 28, 2023

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Use of Keywords, Links, Content, and Metatags in SEO Optimization

Nowadays it’s important to hire SEO companies for SEO services to increase the visibility of website in different search engines. SEO companies use so many search engine optimization techniques to divert traffic to your website. But how actually they do it? Keywords, links, content, and Metatags play crucial role in SEO services. So SEO companies concentrate highly on these objectives. Let’s check out the use of keywords, Links, content, and Metatags for SEO optimization.

For best result in SEO optimization, title of content should have keyword in it. Including keywords title tag should not be more than 7-8 words because end users don’t type too many words till they are up for something special. In URL also you should include keywords because most search engine’s algorithms are designed in such a manner that they look out for keywords in URL first. Keywords density in content of page should be around 3 to 5% because search engines concentrate more on quality rather than quantity. If webpage have anchor text or headings in it then it must include keywords because that helps end users to understand overall idea behind content of that page which entice them to visit that page again. There are some factors like keywords stuffing (10% or more keywords density), dilution, and spelling errors which can ruin your strategies of SEO optimization.


Links are main factor in SEO services and SEO optimization because they divert users to your site. And there are three types of links: Deep links, inbound links, and outbound links. Question is how the links should be utilized? As discussed above, anchor text should have keywords in it which means inbound link is main factor which attracts users. Deep links are used for different web pages of same website. It means one page of website have anchor text and deep link to another page. Links sites are more useful because people recognize those sites as more reputable,.net, sites. If you think of making money by putting so many links of other websites in your one then you are up for trouble because then your website will look like advertisement sites. Smart use of links for search engine optimization can boost popularity of your website for sure.


Unique and interesting content will help your site in SEO optimization because that invites same users again and again. You should not forget to change content of front page and other pages of website frequently because then only your site will be up to the mark with changes in search engine algorithms. Formatting and font of keywords within content play important part in SEO optimization. So you should make sure that you should rather bold keywords or make them Italic. Perfect font size and good font style can make your page attractive and worth visiting.


Metatags had better value in past than they have now. Metatags that some of the SEO companies still use are description Metatags and keywords Metatags.