September 29, 2023

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Uber and Lyft service to continue in California, BlackBerry phones scheduled for 2021 – Video

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Earlier in the month, a California judge ruled that both Uber and Lyft must classify their drivers as employees in that state.
Rather than comply with that reclassification, Uber and Lyft threatened to stop service in their home state.
Lyft was mere hours away from suspending its California ride share operations.
But both Uber and Lyft service will continue after an appeals court agreed to give the companies more time to comply.
There will be new blackberry phones in 2021.
A company called onward mobility will offer 5G blackberry branded phones with physical keyboards and running on Android in the first half of next year.
These new devices will be available in North America and Europe to start TCL the previous license holder of the BlackBerry brand Has already announced it will discontinue sales of its blackberry phones by August of 2020.
A blog post by a former Apple engineer details how Apple worked with the Department of Energy and a defense contractor to build a top secret iPod.
The story takes place in 2005.
And the defense contractor wanted an iPod that could record data without being noticed.
These iPads would appear and act like any other iPod, except an option deep in the menu system would allow these iPods to gather data.
Now,what kind of data?
The engineer guesses the projects could have been used as some kind of quote stealth Geiger counter.
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