June 10, 2023

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Top 6 Web Hosting Trends for 2022

With the website’s emerging popularity and significance, web hosting has become an utmost priority for users. According to market reports, its worldwide market is projected to be US$ 79.49 billion in 2022. Thus, many websites hosting providers offer a wide range of hosting plans. So far, the journey of web hosting has been outstanding. Now, what is the future? This post compiles some of the hosts that are trendsetters in 2022. Keep reading the post.

Emerging Web Hosting Trends for 2022

1.     Cloud Hosting/Server

Cloud hosting makes most of cloud server resources. It is different from other hosting plans because digital assets like websites and applications are not hosted on a single server. A group of interconnected servers hosts the same. Thus, if one server fails or experiences technical interruption, another server of that network will host the web project. One of the main reasons to opt for this hosting option is that it contains amazing features like:

  •  Enhanced Security
  •  Guaranteed Uptime
  • High Reliability

In today’s date, many online businesses are choosing this web hosting service. Cloud servers are also physical servers that are located in different geographical locations. Furthermore, these servers are interconnected through one network having the same performance capability.

Cloud hosting services are affordable, and many businesses worldwide are opting for this hosting service. With the least investment, businesses get a reliable hosting option. If we talk about the market value, in 2020, cloud computing worldwide is valued at US$ 210 Billion in 2020.

2.     HTTPS is Becoming Essential

In 2018, one of the world’s leading web browsers Google Chrome started to mark insecure to those websites not having HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) in their URL address. Also, this web browser offered a fair boost in rankings to websites embracing this shift. Websites not followed the same compromised with the lower rankings and security loopholes.

Remember that customers trust those websites only which are secure and attain higher rankings. So, HTTPS secures information available on the website from every kind of vulnerable threat like hacking and data breaches. Thereby, there will be no intrusion activities on websites.

Users do not have to invest extra in securing the website. Reliable web hosting providers offer free SSL services integrated with their hosting plans. Consider HTTPS to enhance the websites’ credibility, security and win the trust of your visitors.

3.     Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Will Be More Affordable and Used Worldwide

Virtual Private Servers are virtual servers included in physical servers with dedicated resources. Hence, many businesses worldwide prefer VPS hosting. Many of them may or may not have a tight budget to purchase dedicated hosting plans. However, with this hosting type, users save many capitals that can be used in boosting IT infrastructure.

It is based on virtualization technology where multiple servers have their dedicated hosting power with independent RAM and CPU.

As there is a growing demands of web hosting in the market, VPS hosting has become a demanding option for many users. With this, there is no performance, security issues and can be a good alternative to dedicated hosting.

4.     Add On Features

Web hosting providers are nowadays not limited to only hosting services. In fact, they have other services to offer like

  • SSL Certifications
  • Website Migration
  • Domain Registration
  • G Suite services and many more….

Sometimes, users do not only seek the hosting service but the above-mentioned add on features too.


5.     Growing Demand of Managed Hosting Services

Managing technical aspects of servers are not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a good team or best brains to handle technical configurations and installations on the server. Therefore, there is a growing demand of managed support services for servers. In this, web hosting providers are responsible for installing, configuring, and monitoring software and server usage.

One of the primary benefits of using the managed service is users can easily focus on their administrative tasks. Bypassing on the technical burden to web hosting provider users can emphasize on the web development process.

6.     Website builder Is the Icing On the Cake

Web hosting providers offer different hosting tools like control panels and others. One of the prominent features that they offer is the website builder tool. Amateur users find website development a challenging part. This is where the 1-Click installer or the website builder tool is a must to have. Thus, many web hosting partners offer this tool, and it has become a trending part that users avail.