February 23, 2024

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TikTok to add 10,000 jobs in the US over the next three years


TikTok plans to add thousands of jobs in the US. 

Angela Lang/CNET

TikTok, an app known for its quirky short-form videos, plans to add 10,000 jobs in the US over the next three years. The plan comes as the app faces scrutiny and a possible ban by the Trump administration due to its ties to China. 

TikTok spokesperson John Gartner told Axios on Tuesday that the company plans to hire people for roles in engineering, sales, content moderation and customer service in California, New York, Texas, Florida and Tennessee. 

TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based tech company. Although the app’s popularity has exploded over the past year, TikTok is facing scrutiny over concerns the Chinese government may have sway over the app. India has banned TikTok citing national security concerns. The US and Australia are also considering blocking the app. 

In July, The US House of Representatives voted to ban TikTok on all government issued phones and the Senate is expected to pass a similar rule. Wells Fargo also barred the app from corporate-owned devices. The announcement also comes at a time millions of people face unemployment in the US due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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