December 2, 2023

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TikTok ban delayed, Xbox Series X impressions – Video

This is CNET, and here are the stories that mattered this week, Judge Carl Nichols has granted TikTok request for a preliminary injunction delaying a planned ban on new downloads of TikTok was supposed to take place starting Sunday at 1159.
Eastern time.
Lawyers for Tik Tok had argued that removing the app in the lead up to an election in the midst of a pandemic would infringe on the rights of US citizens to broadcast their views.
Despite the Department of Justice filing to block this injunction, the judge ultimately ruled in Tik Toks favor.
We have an Xbox series x in house And we’ve been testing out some of the next features for close to a week.
While our preview period has only just begun some of the standout features of the series x are quick resume and massive improvements in loading times.
More specifically, quick resume allows players to juggle between four to six games and switch back and forth within seconds.
And finally, Google just unveiled a new pixel five and four a Both supporting 5G, The tech giant also debuted a new Chromecast and Google TV as well as a nest branded smart speaker called nest audio.
Starting at $700.
The pixel five represents a chance for the company to revisit some of the missteps critics lamented with the pixel four For a list of the new phones features and all the latest from the world of tech and beyond, head over to CNET.

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