February 25, 2024

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This double-bladed lightsaber measures 6.5 feet long and costs $500


Hasbro has intended a lifelike lightsaber just in time for the premiere of the new Obi-Wan Kenobi collection, one particular that may be the toymaker’s most ambitious — and high priced — reproduction however. The Black Series Reva Power Forex Elite Lightsaber charges $499 and actions a full of 6.5 feet very long with both of those blades connected. It’s modeled after the lightsaber wielded by the 3rd Sister, also recognised as Reva, a chilly and callous Inquisitor set on searching down Obi-Wan.

Just like the legendary lightsabers we have seen held by Inquisitors in past Star Wars collection, you can consider off a person of the blades, as properly as clear away half of the circle in the middle of the lightsaber. There are a selection of awesome lighting and sound effects that you can activate too, and they get the job done regardless of whether you are working with 1 or the two blades.

Although a progressive ignition outcome has the lightsaber loading up with red light in planning for battle, a blast deflect influence gets rid of lighting in certain locations of the lightsaber (total with “pew pew” audio effects) to make it appear like you are shielding by yourself from projectiles. There is even a wall-chopping method that turns the suggestion of the lightsaber brilliant white whilst emitting a buzzing audio as if you are truly cutting by way of metallic.

Regrettably, it does have some (expected) limitations — it doesn’t spin on its personal, so you cannot use it as a type of helicopter to propel you short distances or repel enemy attacks (anything demonstrated very normally in The Clone Wars). You will have to get your baton-twirling competencies in order if you really want to get in on that spinning motion.

The 3rd Sister’s lightsaber appears to be like like Hasbro’s most high priced so far, probable for the reason that of the double blades. Taking a seem at Hasbro’s collection of lightsabers, the Fx Drive Elite replicas never seem to go about $300. You can look at out Reva’s lightsaber for your self on its crowdfunding webpage, which will pretty much undoubtedly satisfy the $5,000 necessity (because who wouldn’t want the opportunity to say they have a 6.5-foot lightsaber in their house?). It’ll be accessible for buy right until July 11th at 11:59PM ET, but will not start off transport right up until fall 2023.


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