June 18, 2024

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The ultimate tools for home mechanics and DIY devotees

That squeaky floorboard? The wonky worktop? Those shonky shelves? Have you tackled any of these niggling but necessary DIY tasks during the last 70-plus days of lockdown? No? You’ve had plenty of time to consider your plan of attack – what’s stopping you? Of course, you need the right tools! Indeed, no self-respecting mechanic or home tinkerer of any stripe should take on any household or auto repairs without the correct gear. Just look at how many different types of screwdriver there are.

This selection will serve well for jobs big and small, whether you are looking to clad your house in larch, shun pedestrian superglue in favour of the world’s first liquid-plastic welding tool or simply find the best all-in-one car-care kit that should never see you stranded curb-side.

Experienced craftspeople know the circular blade demands the utmost respect. But thanks to its SawStop technology, the TKS 80 (pictured above) stops spinning in five milliseconds if the capacitive sensor detects contact with human skin. Aside from saving fingers, and careers, the saw can crosscut up to 820mm at a cutting depth of 20mm, and rip-cut to a height of 80mm and a width of 600mm. The tilting saw blade can manage cuts at between -2° and 47° and the worktable is extendable to accommodate the largest timbers.

Price: From £1,631 | Festool

Kanejun Mitsukawa Juntaro Saw Set

Almost an antidote to the mechanised Festool table saw, third-generation sawmaker Daizo Mitsukawa has handcrafted five blades inspired by the Japanese woodworking technique sashimono (which creates intricate and decorative wood joints that lock without nails). They are designed for precision cross-, rip-, diagonal-, flush- and keyhole-cutting, the purpose of each signalled by an engraving on the Paulownia wood handle.

Price: £299 | Niwaki

Sparkr Mini Lighter and Flashlight

This fuel-free lighter deploys a high-voltage electrical current to generate wind-proof heat that can set fire to stuff. Weighing just 40g and measuring no bigger than a traditional Zippo, it is USB rechargeable and has a built-in 20 lumen flashlight.

Price: £12.01 | Power Practical | Amazon

VSSL First Aid

This 200-lumen LED flashlight has 40 hours of battery life and a waterproof, anodised aluminium body packed with tools to help you survive a host of emergencies: a compass, multi-use gaffer tape, bandages, tweezers, aspirin, ibuprofen, Steri-Strips for sealing deep cuts, two thermometers, antiseptic towels, antibiotic and burn cream, safety pins, a whistle, medical gloves and, if things get serious, a Celox haemostatic bandage to clot excessive bleeding.

Price: $125 | VSSL


Billed as the world’s first liquid-plastic welding tool – and definitely not a glue – this clever adhesive only hardens when exposed to UV light from the LED pen included – in just four seconds. It is heat-, oil- and water-resistant and can be sanded or cut for a clean finish. The obvious bonus for the occasional DIYer is the fact it will remain in liquid form until needed, so no need to bin gloopy half-used tubes of epoxy.

Price: £24.99 | Amazon


This comprehensive box of automotive tricks has a 12V, 1,000A peak current to jump-start most car batteries, two USB ports, an 800mAh battery to keep your phone charged, and a flashlight with a range of 230 metres. There’s even a hidden seat-belt knife, window hammer and personal alarm for serious emergencies.

Price: $119 | Caraide

Topping Supreme’s S/S 2020 accessories collection is this hefty 16-gauge powder-coated steel American-made workstation from Mac Tools with 10, 63.5cm-deep aluminium drawers, USB and power plugs, RollTX spring-loaded casters with top-locking brakes. A heavy-weight vinyl mat with debossed logos adorns the top, while branding continues everywhere else in true, understated Supreme style.

Price: £poa | Supreme

Brass Carpenter’s Pen

The ballpoint pen is a pretty ingenious bit of tech, but for the maker who needs more in their chore jacket pocket, this solid brass design shoe horns in eight other practical extras including touchscreen stylus, Philips and flathead screwdrivers, 4in (10cm) ruler markings precision-etched into the length, a tiny spirit level, and two different scale functions. As stylish as it is practical.

Price: $28 | Best Made Company

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