May 26, 2022


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Tactical X Drone Review 2022: Is Worth The Hype?


Have you ever gotten a product that is hyped and it is just another scam product? In this review, we are going to dissect the Tactical X drone and find out if it is worth the hype!

When it comes to photography, the world is yet to see the best. With the advancement of science and technology, more and more products flood the market space.

Cameras have become mobile and readily found the device. Almost every phone comes with a good camera and it is all good. However, there is still an area of photography that is yet to be saturated with good products. That area is aerial photography.

Having to film something from above is sensational. Previously, you will need a helicopter, a camera operator, and a crisp camera. However, things change with the coming of high-quality drones that could fly heights and take pictures without much stress.

Unfortunately, these drones were super expensive and were only affordable by large film companies and extremely wealthy individuals. However, mini drones have to change the game.


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With a device that costs less than a hundred dollars, you can get aerial shots that make it look like you owned a media crew. Pictures taken with such drones stand out from the millions of feeds on social media.

In addition, you get good-quality pictures and videos. You also get to cover fast-moving events such as your children’s sporting events. Mini drones can be used to film places humans cannot enter, take a panoramic view, and do other things.

Let us dive into the review and see if a Tactical X drone is your best option. We shall compare its price, features, and utility to that of alternative products in the market.

First, what is a Tactical X drone? 

Tactical X drone is a mini drone with a four-blade system. This drone has varied functions and varied features.

This mini drone comes with a camera that can be used to cover 360o HD videos and take stable shots of to 12 megapixels. It comes with a 6-axis stabilization technology that allows it to take clear pictures even when it is in motion.



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A Tactical X drone is a small and portable mini drone that can be used to cover events from heights. Due to its size, it can go through tight spaces like windows, doorways, cave openings, etc. It is also foldable and easy to carry around. Tactical is also lightweight and can fly for up to thirty minutes on a single charge.

Tactical X drone comes with an extended battery life that allows you to use your drone before it runs out of power. In addition, it does not take forever to charge it.


Below is a list of specifications for the Tactical X drone

  • Foldable body
  • GPS/optical flow positioning
  • Surrounded by points of interest
  • Fixed-point flight
  • 32 minutes long battery life
  • Smart follow
  • ESC camera
  • 5G image transmission
  • Gesture photo
  • Gesture video
  • MV creative video
  • 50x zoom
  • LED night light
  • Brushless motor
  • Remote control
  • 4K camera
  • Lost connection and return
  • Low battery return
  • Smart modular battery
  • Real-time transmission



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Tactical X drones stand out due to their specifications and the following features:

Durable: though the Tactical X drone is easy to operate, if it is your first time around drones, you may nervously run your device in a few stumps. This is why durability is not a negotiable feature when it comes to drones. Tactical X drones are made with strong and durable materials. It is certain to last for you as you enjoy maximally, a product of your hard-earned money.

Affordable: When it comes to affordability, there is only one index to check if a product is affordable or not. Does the value of the product exceed its price? Well for Tactical X drone, many times over. Tactical X drone does not only offer a good value-price ratio, but it is also cheaper than its counterparts are.

Portable: if you own a drone and you do not use it because of how bulky it is, then what is the fun in that? Not only is the Tactical X drone portable and lightweight, but it is also foldable. This way you have no problems parking it into your bag as you are about to take that vacation, or cover that sport. Having a portable device allows you to enjoy it anytime, anywhere!

Easy to use: for obvious reasons, many people think flying a drone is a herculean task. Surely, the drone is an amazing technology that should be complex to operate. However, with the Tactical X drone, a lot of work was put in to ensure user-friendliness. This way, you can have all the functionalities of a complex drone but learn how to operate it very fast. You do not need to have any previous knowledge. I would recommend this drone if you have never owned one before. In addition, the Tactical X drone comes with an app that makes it easier to use.

Amazing Features: Again, Tactical X drones come with amazing features that make them even easier to operate. With the follow-me feature, you can film yourself without the aid of anyone. You can also use gesture shots and gesture videos as you like.

More importantly, you stand less chance of losing your device as it uses a GPS feature to return to its controller in event of lost coverage or low battery.

Amazing pictures and videos: this is the major reason for owning a drone. To get pictures that look extraordinary. A Tactical X drone gives you just that and more. With a 4K camera, the Tactical X drone produces HD photos and videos.

With its flight range of over 3000 feet, you are sure to get whatever you want from a drone camera. It has panoramic views, can take 360o cover, and has a 6-axis stabilization technology. It has all it needs to give you an amazing shot.

All these technologies make it very possible for Tactical X drone to give you killer shots, make thriller movies, and keep the best memories.

Long battery life: battery life of a Tactical X drone is about 32 minutes flight time after one complete chare. If you were conversant with drones, you would appreciate this feature. Most drones take forever to charge and can run down in less than ten minutes. With a Tactical X drone, you have 3 times that time to take amazing pictures, a record that video, and relieve the memories anytime without being hindered by a low battery.




More about Tactical X drone …

Since the Tactical X drone is built with quality and durable materials, it is sure to serve its owner for a reasonable amount of time. Unlike some products out there, the Tactical X drone can take a few bumps and still stay strong for service.

The Tactical X drone is hard to lose. It is designed with GPS technology that allows it to fly back to the controller in the event of poor connection or low battery.

Another thing about the Tactical X drone is its learning curve. It is easy to control. You do not need to be a professional camera operator to use Skyline.

Again, Tactical X drones come with a lot of features that are simply amazing. Features like the follow me make the product so easy to use. With a device like Skyline, you can take amazing pictures and make enthralling videos without the help of anybody.

Summarily, the Tactical X drone is an advanced mini drone that gives you quality pictures and video from insane angles. This gives your pictures and video an uncommon look and makes them stand out from the rest.





For a drone to function as well as a tactical x drone, there must be certain technologies that must be in place to enable its functionality.

A Tactical X drone is built using varying technologies that enable it to deliver the quality of pictures and videos it is associated with.

For the sake of this review, we shall only discuss a few. First will be the camera quality. With a 4k camera, the Tactical X drone is capable of delivering not only clear pictures; it is also capable of producing HD videos.

In addition, it possesses a 6-axis stabilization technology that permits the drone output to be clear irrespective of the fact that it is in motion. This explains why a Tactical X drone can cover fast events and still take clear pictures.

A powerful battery that can keep it going for up to 30 minutes on single charge power the drone. It also uses an efficient four-blade system for its levitation.



You also don’t have to continue controlling the device yourself as a user. The Tactical X Drone has a follow-me capability that allows it to go in your direction and follow you around, which is useful if you want to record personal films and images.

Despite being unmanned, the Tactical X Drone moves with accuracy and direction and is designed to not fly out of range. It keeps a perfect course, curve, and landing while reducing the risk of crashing. When the gadget malfunctions or runs out of battery, the Tactical Drone contains a capability that allows it to return to the take-off point or the controller.

You do not, however, have to keep charging the smartphone all of the time. When fully charged, the device can last for hours before running out of power, and a single bar charge can last for 15 minutes of video capture.





This device is also noiseless in operation, so you will not have to worry about it making a lot of noise when it is on. Unlike other drones, the Tactical X Drone is extremely quiet when in use. Unless Tactical X is moving, you might not be able to tell when the device is turned on. As a result, the device can be utilized both indoors and outside. You do not want a photo or video session to strain your eardrums or give you a headache.

Tactical X drone also has features that let it connect effortlessly to its controller and the internet. This means you can perform real-time transmissions from your drone.

Finally, the Tactical X drone has superb technologies that enable its smart features. Features such as creating video, gesture photo, gesture shots, returning to the controller, etc. are all enabled by smart algorithms that come with the Tactical X drone.


If you are yet to own a drone, this could be your chance. In addition, if you are a lover of pictures, or keen on keeping memories, you should consider getting a Tactical X drone.

A Tactical X drone is sure to profit everyone. Its utility is large and everyone can benefit from it. However, I will only attempt to cover a few popular uses of the product.

  • Those who have intense sports to cover
  • Those who are lovers of panoramic views
  • Those who wish to cover terrains, topography, sunset over a hill, etc.
  • Those seeking to have unique pictures for social media presence, advertisement, etc.
  • Those seeking to cover an event in places they cannot be physically like caves, story buildings, etc.


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As earlier stated, the Tactical X drone has an almost unlimited utility everyone can take advantage of and benefit from. Some things you can use tactical X drone for include:

  • Take cool images of large objects such as mountains, terrains, etc.
  • Take pictures from very creative angles to have pictures that stand out.
  • To cover fast events such as race, football, etc.
  • Improve your professional social media presence
  • Cover vacations and adventures
  • Capture special moments
  • Keep an eye on your children in an event or vacation
  • Film yourself doing cool kinds of stuff

Just as we hardly know until we lose it, many people do not recognize what they do not have until they taste it. Many customers add to the list of what they can do with Tactical X drone on purchase.


A Tactical X drone comes with a guide on how to use it. This guide contains all you need to know. It is not complex and is easy to understand. Most customers have reported gaining mastery in just a few days of flying it.

To summarize, you can take the following steps:

  • When you receive the Tactical X Drone, double-check that you received the correct product by unwrapping it.
  • This device also makes use of a smartphone app that is available for both Android and iOS and can be used to control the drone once downloaded.
  • Set up the drone and its components; instructions for doing so are included in the product package.
  • Set up the controller once you have finished. If you have never used a drone controller or console before, you can ask an expert to walk you through it. The Tactical X Drone control, on the other hand, is straightforward.
  • The signal between the drone and the controller is normally strong, but if possible, do a test run especially for very high altitudes.
  • You may customize the drone’s parameters, including speed, range, and height, as well as settings like follow-me.
  • This device is foldable, so you can conveniently store it after use.


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Best pictures and videos: Tactical gives the pictures and videos that surpasses your expectation. With such pictures and videos, memories are more vivid and easy to relieve. Again, your feeds on social media will stand out. Others will be tempted to think you have too much money to pay a professional crew to cover you.

With a flight range of 3000 feet and a gravity sensor that enables altitude holding and stability, you can get panoramic shots and videos from the best angles.

Hard to lose: it is almost impossible to lose your device even if you are flying for the first time on Amazon. The device returns to its controller if it loses a firm connection with its controller. In addition, it also returns if the battery is low and in need of charging.

Easy to control: I find the fact that it is easy to operate a huge benefit. This means you can also operate it yourself without having to pay a professional to cover you. It means you can also film yourself and even your kids can operate it.

Very portable: because Tactical X drone is easy to carry about, you do not have to miss and shot or any event as you can always fold it  

Longer battery life: all these amazing features will be useless if the battery life would not let you use them. The extended battery life of the Tactical X drone makes all other features come alive! You can enjoy up to 32 minutes of all the features on a single charge.

Best features to explore: with Tactical X drone, it appears there is no end to the features to explore. The video also has slo-mo mode. You can capture immersive footage of moving objects and unlocks and an unlimited array of potentials for your videos. Imagine having that on your social media page.

With the panorama mode, a flight range of 3000 feet, there is so much to explore. You also have to check out the gesture shots and videos, MV creative videos, and a lot more.





Below are the pros and cons of Tactical X drone.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • List of amazing features
  • Long battery life
  • Clear pictures
  • HD videos
  • 3000 flight range
  • Hard to lose


  • Can only be purchased online
  • Purchases may include shipping and handling costs.


Tactical X drone can only be purchased from the official website (the link is added below). Buying from the official websites allows you to buy at a discounted price. In addition, you can also pay through safe means and avoid fraud.




Underneath is the pricing only obtainable on the official website.

1 x Tactical X Drone (with user manual and controller) cost $199.99 now 50% off at $99

2 x Tactical X Drone (with user manuals and controllers, drone batteries, charging cables) cost $399.99 now 50% off at $197. (Most popular deal

3 x Tactical X Drone (with user manuals and controllers, drone batteries, charging cables) cost $799.99 now 63% off at $279. (An amazing deal, your get 1 completely free)




Producers of Tactical X drones are offering a 30-Day money-back guarantee.


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Below are regular questions people asked about Tactical X drones:

How long does it take for the package to arrive?

A: Each tactical x drone package is delivered to the address provided at the time of purchase, and shipping from the store takes only a few days. Your order will be delivered on time. The customer service team will keep you informed regularly.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: Yes, all orders come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Q: Can I fly a tactical x drone if I am a newbie?

A: both professionals and non-technical people can operate the tactical x drone. It is very basic and straightforward to use. For additional information on how to fly the tactical x drone, consult the full user handbook.

Q: Is this drone capable of flight?

A: Yes, because it is small enough to put in your pocket or pocketbook. The drone folds up and can be put in a handbag or briefcase. You will not have to be concerned about your bags being weighed down. It is safe to take with you if you fly or use any other mode of transportation. This drone’s portability makes it great for people who want to snap images on the go.

Q: Is it feasible to use my Android phone to control this phone?

Certainly. The drone’s app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The software can be used to fly the drone, capture images, and even edit them after they have been installed.


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J “The Tactical X is an excellent piece of technology that can take your films to a whole new level, whether you’re a complete novice or a more experienced flier who needs it for business and media.” James P. | Ft. Myers, 

“Drones are becoming more advanced and less expensive as time passes. They are, however, by no means inexpensive. It is nearly unheard of to get a drone with a high-quality camera capable of producing excellent aerial photographs and video for this price. This is one of the best drones on the market, and it’s a fantastic deal.” – Bob C. | COJ Breckenridge 

J “The Tactical X is an excellent piece of technology that can take your films to a whole new level, whether you’re a complete novice or a more experienced flier who needs it for business and media.” James P. | Ft. Myers, 

“I have a feeling I’ll use this for everything.” I have only had it for a week and I have already recorded my daughter riding it.

“I have a feeling I’ll use this for everything.” I have only had it for a week, but I have already caught my daughter riding her bike without training wheels for the first time, discovered a ball she shot over the roof a few weeks ago, and assisted my boss in filming some company promotional video. I haven’t yet crashed it!” -Jillian R. | New York

“We took it out on the boat this weekend and got some pretty cool footage of everyone skiing and riding the raft!” I’m looking forward to seeing it on the family video over the holidays!” Rodney H. | Joliet,

“I adore going to the beach at sunrise and sunset with this device.” It truly provides a bird’s eye perspective of the entire ocean. You get a true sense of what they are going through. When the humans are far enough out over the lake, they appear as small dots walking along the water. The light reflects crystal clear off the sea. The 4K is fantastic.” – – Dale B. | San Diego, CA

‘As an experienced drone pilot, I am blown away by the Tactical X’s performance. With outstanding camera quality and consistent video regardless of wind gusts or pilot error, it is simple for beginners of all ages to figure out. The battery life has also proven to be excellent so far. I am quite amazed by how tough it is, and I think it is a fantastic purchase! If anything changes, I’ll update the review!’ Rob V. –




Having a device that can take quality pictures and help you relieve beautiful memories is such a blessing. However, if the device comes close to the Tactical X drone, it is worth your money.

A Tactical X drone makes your output unique. It gives you the best shots from unique angles, quality output, and HD videos. With countless features, this device is something else.

Again, its extended battery life allows you to enjoy all the features the device comes with. You can also carry your device everywhere (except if the state laws inhibit it). Tactical X drone is foldable, portable, and lightweight.

Finally, all of these come for an affordable price. You too can have those panoramic views, capture fast events, and improve your social media status for something you can afford.

Get your Tactical X drone today.