May 23, 2024

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T-Mobile adds new $15 Connect plan, free YouTube Premium amid coronavirus


T-Mobile is upping its offerings amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

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T-Mobile is adding new options for customers, including pushing up the launch of a cheaper $15-a-month plan and a new T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion to help those staying at home. 

On Monday the carrier, which is in the process of completing its merger with Sprint, announced that it’s speeding up one of the promises of the merger and launching a new cheaper plan called Connect that offers unlimited talk, text and 2GB of high-speed data. 

Originally announced last November alongside a host of other promises of what T-Mobile would do if the merger was approved, given the economic issues that have arrived amid the coronavirus pandemic, the carrier is rolling out the cheaper plan starting Wednesday. 

For those on its pricier unlimited plans, T-Mobile is also adding a new perk. On Tuesday it will be offering two months of free YouTube Premium, YouTube’s ad-free option, as part of the company’s T-Mobile Tuesday’s app. The offer must be redeemed by May 1 and if it isn’t canceled before the end of the free period you’ll be charged YouTube Premium’s regular $12-a-month rate.

The carrier also has a $25-a-month option that bumps the high-speed data to 5GB per month, with the plan also offering what T-Mobile calls “Annual Data Upgrade” that gives users “an additional 500MB of monthly data, every year, at no additional cost, for the next five years.”

Similar to T-Mobile’s cheapest Essentials unlimited plans, which start at $60 a month for one line, taxes and fees are not included in the monthly price of either new Connect plan. 

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