June 17, 2024

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SXSW, E3 canceled – Video

This is CNET and here the stories that mattered this week.
South by Southwest, the annual media festival in Austin, Texas, has been cancelled due to escalating fears over the coronavirus.
A number of big social media networks have already pulled out for the 2020 show, including Facebook, Tiktok and Twitter.
It’s the first time and it’s 34 year history that it has been canceled.
Austin public officials said it was not a panic based decision.
But note that the close person to person contact in size and scale of SXSW factored in the decision.
E3, the biggest gaming event of the year has also been canceled.
Due to concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus.
This according to a statement from the event organizers.
The Entertainment Software Association, that’s the group behind E3, says it will look into conducting an online showcase in place of E3 in June.
In response to the cancellation, Microsoft [UNKNOWN] and others say they’ll have their press conferences streamed online in the runup to E3.
And finally, everybody’s favorite video game, plumber is headed into the real world with Legos Super Mario.
It’s a place where you can create a path way for a Mario figuring to travel through.
Tapping objects can earn coins, and the figure is equiped with a speaker and tiny screens so Mario can [UNKNOWN] Lego and Nintendo have been working on this project for four years.
No prices have been announced, but Lego Super Mario will arrive by the end of the year.
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