May 27, 2022


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Sony was caught shipping mysterious PlayStation prototype consoles overseas

Sony has discovered itself in the spotlight at the time once more, but this time for anything you could possibly not expect. Though PlayStation has released several online games in excess of the past several months, the news this time is all about a cargo of mysterious PlayStation prototype consoles that went out to Virginia back again in November of 2021.

What could these mysterious PlayStation consoles be?

A close-up image of Sony's PlayStation 5 consolePicture source: Sony

According to a shipping and delivery ledger uncovered by Tweak Town, Sony delivered pretty much 700kgs (approximately 1500 pounds) well worth of mysterious PlayStation consoles overseas. The package deal was designed up of four CTN, or cartons, and it transported from the United Kingdom to Norfolk, Virginia. The ledge also notes down the deals as prototype video match consoles.

But what just are these mysterious PlayStation consoles? Properly, which is a really very good issue. To be totally genuine, no one is really absolutely sure exactly what they could be. As Tweak Town mentions, there are no known Sony functions dependent in Norfolk, Virginia. There are some Sony provider centers in that location, however. And considering that the ledger lists HS Code #981700 on the cargo, it could have a little something to do with console components. On the other hand, it’s doable that Virginia was just a stopover for the offers. They could have ongoing to their final place by means of another journey process.

What we do know, is that Sony is doing the job on the PlayStation VR 2. The enterprise a short while ago exposed the title of the merchandise, so it stands to purpose that they’ve previously crafted some prototypes or devkits to send out to early testers.

Because these mysterious PlayStation consoles are shown as prototypes it is possible we could be wanting at prototype variations of the PSVR2. It’s also possible that they could be early prototypes of an enhanced PS5, like a PS5 Pro. Or they could even just be more mature PS5 prototypes that Sony essential to offload someplace. Of study course, this is all just pure speculation.

In the end, there is no true way to notify what these mysterious PlayStation consoles are. Realistically? They probably are not all that significant.

PSVR2 and the PS5 Pro

Sony reveals final design of PlayStation VR2.Image resource: Sony

With Sony formally confirming the PlayStation VR 2, I’m thrilled to see how the corporation expands its digital fact offerings. The PSVR wasn’t the strongest VR headset when it launched, but it did open the doorway for low cost and immersive VR.

With its next VR headset, Sony has the chance to choose things a stage further and actually produce 1 of the very best PS5 add-ons. If these mysterious PlayStation consoles did switch out to be prototype versions of the PSVR, perfectly that would be thrilling.

Of system, there’s also speculation that these mysterious PlayStation consoles could be PS5 Execs. These consoles would generally act as a extra enhanced variation of the PS5. It may even present components closer to that of greater-stop PCs.

However, the prospects of the PS5 Professional dropping so early are not likely, in particular presented the ongoing chip shortages that are slowing the marketplace down at the moment, as very well as the problems Sony is dealing with in maintaining the PS5 restocked. Even now, I suppose absolutely nothing is difficult.

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