July 23, 2024

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Sony reveals new PS5 controller, Quibi launches – Video

This is CNET and here are the stories that mattered this week.
In a tweet, Sony revealed the controller for the PlayStation five.
It’s called the dual sense.
It’s a departure from the DualShock series of controllers and aims to make the sense of touch of focus for Sony’s next console.
Sony says it changed the angle of the hand triggers to make the controller feel smaller than it is.
And also updated the grip.
It’s also reduced the weight of the controller worked on how to make it retain battery longer and edit a built-in microphone so you can chat with friends while playing.
Disney announced that it’s streaming video service.
Disney plus has ranked up more than 50 million subscribers and service launched just five months ago.
Disney initially predicted it would take five years to reach between 60 and 90 million paid subscribers.
And Disney plus is now available in 14 countries.
And finally Quibi, a mobile only subscription video service that launched early Monday in the US and Canada has been pumping up the hype for months.
With the backing of all the major Hollywood studios and a seemingly endless litany of film, TV, music, and sports stars making shows kwibi is betting $1.75 billion on its service for ultra expensive short form videos, but it’s also launching in the middle of the Corona virus pandemic, which is up ended the status quo around the world.
Walking down the whole city states and countries, Hollywood is no exception.
Movie theaters are shuttered film and television productions are on hold, and big budget films are delayed.
So what will that do to quit this future time itself?
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