May 29, 2022


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A soil moisture sensor with silkscreen chipped and copper corroded

Soil Moisture Sensor Coating Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Ever needed to measure soil moisture? Common “soil dampness meter module arduino raspberry compatible free of charge shipping” PCBs may possibly deceive you with their ascetic seems. Nowadays, [Raphael (@rbaron_)] is right here to teach us (Twitter, unrolled) what it normally takes to make a soil-embedded sensor that can actually endure get hold of with a plant.

As the photograph could hint, waterproofing is of paramount importance, and soldermask doesn’t very slice it. Raphael describes his journey of figuring out methods and coatings that would last, starting off from just working with nail polish, and ending with the present-day solution – a rotisserie-like product that rotates sensors as the coating used to them dries, mitigating a particular sort of structural failure observed prolonged-time period. With loads of illustrative pics and even a video clip of the rotisserie system in action, you will rapidly study points that took time and energy for Raphael to determine out.

This isn’t the initial time Raphael shares some design battlefield stories and classes with us – he has taught us about over-all capacitive humidity sensor concepts, as well! If that passions you, we have lined pretty a couple of moisture sensor patterns, from affordable but hardy two-nails designs to flip-dot-geared up ones, and some of us just take the commercial types and enhance them!

We thank [Chaos] for sharing this with us!

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