May 27, 2022


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Simple Photo Enlarger Makes Great Addition To Any Darkroom

Simple Photo Enlarger Makes Great Addition To Any Darkroom

Chemical-based mostly pictures can seem to be like a dim art at periods, but it needn’t be so. [Dan K] made the Basic Enlarger to assistance distribute the thought that classical photographic darkroom equipment are essentially quite quick to realize and establish.

The assembled enlarger.

A photographic enlarger illuminates a negative with light, and focuses this gentle on a sheet of photographic paper which can then be developed. [Dan’s] enlarger style is supposed to be designed working with resources easily offered from any greenback shop or stationer’s store, and can be built in just a handful of brief several hours. It is designed to perform with a one movie format and with a mounted sizing of photographic paper for simplicity’s sake.

A basic M-mount digital camera lens is pressed into assistance for the primary optic, with the ex-Soviet aspect decided on for its easy concentrating and low-cost selling price. A modest plywood box makes a respectable body, and a white phosphor LED provides  the gentle source. The remaining rig is built to print 35mm negatives on to conventional 8×10 paper.

If you want to get into developing your personal negatives and don’t want to obtain a industrial enlarger, [Dan]’s make could be just the way to go. We have observed some other comparable builds right before, far too. In the meantime, if you have got your individual nifty darkroom hacks, be confident to drop us a line!

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