December 2, 2023

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Oppo Watch: An Apple Watch lookalike that runs Google’s WearOS – Video

This is the Apple watch.
You can think of it as an Apple Watch look alike that’s powered by Google but with an oboe twist.
Now let’s take a closer look.
Now, if you haven’t heard of oppo, it’s one of China’s largest smartphone makers.
But lately it’s been expanding into wearables.
The oppo watch, as it’s simply called, is the company’s first smartwatch.
That’s been Been released internationally.
Now let’s go straight to addressing the elephant in the room, its design.
The Overwatch basically copies the Apple Watches design apart from size in this case, you can see the uncanny similarities to the Apple watch, from its curb square display Removable rubber like straps all the way to the packaging, but it isn’t an exact replica of course, instead of a digital crown.
There are two buttons on the right side that can do everything from launching google assistant to starting a workout.
The Apple Watch is also curvier on the sides and comes in different size options.
So yes, the Apple Watch is stunning, but it’s very much unoriginal.
It’s also a mind trick to see this watch running Google made software as if it was an actual Apple Watch side loaded with watch OS.
The Overwatch is crafted from a mix of aluminum and reinforced glass with a ceramic back where the heart rate sensors are located.
It rocks a bright 46 millimeter analog display that’s responsive and easily readable in sunny weather.
straps Meanwhile, are made either from rubber or calfskin and can be swapped out for other designs made by the company.
And I emphasize made by the company because the nubs on opos drops Are different from what Apple has straps for many third party sellers probably won’t fit in that case and that’s something to keep in mind if you’d like to customize.
Now, battery longevity is a strong suit for a number of open phones that I’ve reviewed.
So I was surprised when that didn’t carry over to its smartwatch.
My review unit was equipped with a sizable 430 milliamp hour battery that was quoted to last 30 hours on default settings.
But when I put the watch through the paces, battery life turned out to be disappointing lasting between 15 to 17 hours with mild to moderate use before conquering off.
Fortunately, there are tools you can take advantage of to extend its battery life.
power saver mode supposedly extends it to 21 days and when the juice did run out opos flash charging revitalised the battery in about an hour.
One of my favourite aspects of the Oprah watch is a fitness aid that serves up five minute workout videos.
You can fire them up anytime Of course, but when you’ve been sitting for an hour, you’ll receive a push notification nudging you to stand up and get moving.
And if you agree, a video of a gym instructor appears, guiding you through a series of Stretches for a quick pick me up and you can choose from several workout options.
The Overwatch also recognizes five different workout routines including running, cycling and swimming.
Other watches however, recognize a wider range of exercises like yoga hiking, elliptical and rowing.
For example.
I also have to point out that I’m not fully convinced on the accuracy of the readings either.
Sometimes the Overwatch would generate slightly inflated numbers compared to my Apple Watch five which I had calibrated for accuracy.
More specifically, the Overwatch tended to track longer distances by two to 7% during my walks and runs That might be small enough for some people not to mind and you can still track your progress if you consistently use this watch.
Now this watch also has native sleep tracking and this is where Oprah actually beat Apple to the punch with Apple only unveiling it in the Watch Series six Sleep tracking is probably one of my favorite features on it even if it’s not the most sophisticated.
That’s because understanding how much should I need to function optimally is incredibly important to me.
So when I wake up, it displays the duration of my sleep as well as the phases.
The overwatch also has an always on optical heart tracker, but it doesn’t have more advanced health features like an oximeter or an electro cardiogram sensor which is used to sense irregular heart rhythms.
Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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