May 28, 2022


Future Technology

One Stepper Plus A Whole Bunch Of Magnets Equals A Unique Seven-Segment Display

One Stepper Plus A Whole Bunch Of Magnets Equals A Unique Seven-Segment Display

In some cases the price tag of simplicity is excess complexity. It appears counterintuitive, but it appears to be real. And this single-motor mechanical 7-segment show appears to be to be a great instance of this paradox.

On 2nd considered, [aeropic]’s mechanism is not really all that mechanically challenging, but there confident was a whole lot of preparing and ingenuity that went into it. The entrance has a 3D-printed bezel with the familiar section cutouts, every of which is equipped with a pivoting phase, black on a person aspect and white on the other.

Powering the bezel is a vertical shaft with three wheels, 1 at the rear of every horizontal phase, and a pair of horizontal shafts, just about every with two wheels at the rear of just about every vertical segment. The three shafts are geared to change jointly by a solitary stepper in the foundation. Every single wheel has 10 magnets embedded in the outer circumference, with the polarity oriented to flip the phase in front of it to the correct orientation for the present digit. It is probably some thing which is most very easily comprehended by watching the movie beneath.

We’ve noticed pretty a couple of of these mechanical 7-section shows recently — this cam-and-servo system comes to intellect. We like them all, of program, but the excellent detail about [aeropic]’s display is how silent it is — the stepper is primarily silent, and the segments make only a gentle clunk when they flip. It’s quite enjoyable.

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