May 26, 2022


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Microsoft PowerToys v0.57.0 is now available for download


Microsoft PowerToys is a established of utilities, which lets buyers to streamline their Microsoft Windows experience to have larger efficiency applying the working process. The corporation has now introduced PowerToys variation .57. which provides a ton of new features and steadiness improvements.


For extra particulars on what’s new and improved in the latest Microsoft PowerToys model .57., continue reading through additional.


Microsoft PowerToys v0.57.0 is now available for download


What is actually new and improved in Microsoft PowerToys v0.57.


Normally on Leading


  • Fixes for the method tray icon. Thanks @dend!
  • Temporary length presets are now configurable. Many thanks @dend!
  • Take care of for an difficulty triggering Awake to not be shut adequately. Thanks @dend!


  • It really is now achievable to delete several hues from record and also export them to a file. Many thanks @mshtang!
  • The CIEXYZ format has improved precision. Many thanks @m13253!
  • Efficiency improved by reducing the use of reduced amount keyboard hooks.


  • Preset a bug wherever the identical structure applied with distinctive configurations to unique screens would reset to a single configuration. (This was a hotfix for .56)
  • When snapping windows with rounded corners on Windows 11, established the appropriate corner choices to stay clear of gaps amongst zones. Thanks @hallatore!
  • Repair for canvas structure resetting because of to resolution changes.

File explorer

  • Extra markdown file extensions extra for Markdown Preview. Many thanks @skycommand!
  • Svgs are now registered as a photograph type on Windows.
  • Extra a textual content wrapping location and copy context menu to dev file preview. Many thanks @Aaron-Junker!
  • Pdf file preview and thumbnails are now disabled by default, because of to incompatibility with Outlook and an correct warning is shown in Settings.

Mouse utility

  • Obtain my mouse has a new setting to specify a minimum amount distance for activation. (This was a hotfix for .56)
  • Correct for the bug producing the process bar to be concealed behind other windows when a mouse utility was lively.
  • Correct for the bug producing shortcuts established on icons to not activate when a mouse utility was lively.
  • Preset a slight offset in Mouse Pointer Crosshairs when it can be configured with an odd thickness.

PowerToys Operate

  • New plugin for time and day values/details. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • WindowWalker now has a tooltip, added characteristics like killing the approach and closing the window, further settings and enhancements. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • Unit converter now accepts more strategies of composing ft and gallon. Also interprets as possibly imperial or US gallons dependent on latest tradition. Many thanks @yifan-k!
  • Unit converter now accepts metre for meter.
  • Localization for Website Search and Unit Converter (not including models) has been enabled.
  • Localization for Windows Terminal has been enabled. (This was a hotfix for .56)
  • Calculator now tries to generally interpret the dot (.) symbol as a decimal separator, even with configured society, to satisfy anticipations.
  • Calculator now handles trailing zeroes on hexadecimal quantities properly.
  • System commands plugin can now present the area ip and mac addresses. Many thanks @htcfreek!
  • Folder plugin has improved final results, with enhanced tooltips. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • Home windows settings plugin has additional entries for Display Saver and Link Wiring Display screen Panel. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • Plugins can now display descriptions for their configurations in options. Many thanks @htcfreek!
  • Deal with for the concentrate problem when calling PowerToys Run for the first time after login and soon after returning from some home windows.
  • Fix for a bug on Method when developing a shortcut.
  • Validated that upgrading to .internet framework 6 set the mistake showing when shutting down the process with PowerToys Operate operating.

Video clip conference mute

  • Newly additional microphones are now up to date and tracked by VCM.


  • What is actually new button in the bottom with a new seem, with a pair a lot more UI tweaks. Many thanks @niels9001!
  • Fixed a bug triggering Settings not to open up when a racing problem caused Keyboard Supervisor options to not be browse the right way.
  • To open configurations from the tray icon a double simply click is essential in its place of a solitary simply click.
  • Resolve for a bug which would induce checking for updates to operate indefinitely.
  • When auto-updating, pass a flag to avoid restarting without getting prompted.


  • Dependencies installers are now executed with /norestart to stay clear of unprompted restarts. (This was a hotfix for .56). Thanks @franky920920!
  • Upgraded .net framework dependency to 6..3.
  • Installer logs are now saved the place they can be collected and despatched by the bug report resource.
  • Reverted modifications to get started with good elevation and when installed underneath a distinctive consumer given that those people alterations finished up causing extra concerns where by PowerToys would start out running with the improper consumer.


  • OOBE code refactor to have all module facts in XAML, like in Configurations. Thanks @niels9001!
  • Every venture now has analyzers turned on and warnings preset. Many thanks @CleanCodeDeveloper!
  • New styles additional for code spell-examining and stale entries taken off. Thanks @jsoref
  • Supplemental logging has been extra to Extravagant Zones and PowerToys Operate.
  • A new CI release build will not be activated if all that was transformed was just documentation.
  • Set a racing ailment creating flaky create mistakes when setting up PowerRename.
  • Centralization of prevalent csproj/vcxproj configurations underway. Thanks @CleanCodeDeveloper!


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