May 27, 2022


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Micromachining With A Laser | Hackaday

Micromachining With A Laser | Hackaday

[Breaking Taps] has a pleasant pulsed fiber laser and resolved to try it to micromachine with silicon. You can see the final results in the movie beneath. Silicon absorbs the IR of the laser nicely, whilst the bodily qualities of silicon go away one thing to be sought after. He also is even now refining the method for steel, copper, and brass which might be a little bit more realistic.

The laser has incredibly short length pulses, but the pulses have a great deal of energy. This was experimental so some of the assessments didn’t work incredibly perfectly, but some — like the gears — glimpse great.

This possibly is not going to get the job done with your $200 Chinese laser engraver. But if you do have the right variety of laser (his is a generic a single that operates about $4000-$6000), the ideas about focal length and timing will in all probability help save you some experimenting on your own.

We have to admit we had been a bit jealous. Not only does he have entry to a rather good laser, but he also has access to a scanning electron microscope which is of greater quality than the kinds we made use of to use and we don’t even have access to these anymore. You can see a good deal of examination of the sections carried out below the SEM in the online video.

If you are on the lookout to justify the charge of a fiber laser, they do make dandy PCBs. We have even seen a minimal of how these lasers operate internally.

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