June 9, 2023

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Making A Projector Screen Out Of Flex Seal Works Okay, Kinda


Viewing flicks on the massive display is exciting, but getting out to the cinema or travel-in can be a inconvenience. It’s possible to get the very same working experience at home with a minor creativity, as demonstrated in this Diy projector monitor make by [The Hook Up].

The build began with a large motorized roller display designed for a patio. It was scored on the affordable as it was salvaged after removal from its primary home. Owning seen a screen doorway turned into a boat with the help of Flex Seal, [The Hook Up] was confident that the flyscreen could be sealed up and made use of for projection.

Right absent, the going acquired hard. Gentle programs weren’t definitely filling in the holes in the flyscreen, although thick apps had big concerns with runs. Eventually, the display screen was painted with 3 gallons of white Flex Seal and hung up to test.

The runs brought on challenges, as the lumpy display texture was distracting when viewing flicks. Additionally, the glossy finish was developing ugly reflections. Immediately after some trial and mistake, the difficulties were being solved by sanding the Flex Seal floor flat and making use of matte clear spray paint to dull the glow.

The final result was a grand projection monitor that rolls down at the touch of a button, the likes of which we have observed just before, although at important value. [The Hook Up] commonly admitted that the a number of hundred pounds invested could possibly have been much better used on acquiring a pre-created screen. However, it’s a interesting task, and we regard the creator for putting in the get the job done! Online video immediately after the crack.


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