September 29, 2023

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Ingenious Indigenous Artful Screw Conveyor


Lots of of us have read the identify Archimedes’ screw — but not all people is familiar with the time period screw conveyor.  These folks (regrettably, the videographer at [Breeze Media] doesn’t inform us their names, or the corporation identify) has the procedure of creating screw conveyors down to a wonderful artwork.

Screw conveyors are useful, but quite a few people shy away from them since they look tough to make. In this movie, we see how it’s performed. The crew in this video clip are performing it in metal for significant gear, but the exact methods could be used in plastic sheet or paper on a little scale.

It starts with reducing washers and slitting radially. When they are distorted into the final form the hole will close up, so the hole is a bit bigger than the pipe that forms the heart. They’re then supplied a slight spiral (think a lock washer) by walloping with a sledgehammer. It operates. The slit edges are welded with each other to make a ‘compressed’ spiral, and the finish is welded to the pipe

Now for the ingenious bit. They have a tall gantry, just a few of pipe poles with a crossbar, set up in the manufacturing unit property. Beneath it, they’ve drilled a properly. The free conclude of the pipe goes down the properly. The base of the spiral is clamped to a baseplate all over the properly. Subsequent, the pipe is hoisted up to sort the closing shape. Last but not least, everything is welded in location.

In the online video just after the break, they’re building a screw feeder. It requires a lessen pitch for the part underneath the hopper. So they clamp many turns, pull the main part out, weld it, then go the clamp and make the feeder section.

Hacks are partly artwork, and screws are visually attention-grabbing. This piggy bank has one. Set 1 in your next hack!


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