June 5, 2023

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How to watch 2020’s shortened baseball season – Video

Baseball’s opening day is finally here and this is how you can catch every second of the much anticipated yet shortened baseball season.
Regular cable subscribers should have no problem tuning into their local team’s regional broadcast.
Many games will also be on ESPN, TBS, and FOX.
If you don’t have cable, consider a monthly subscription that could start as low as $25.
Depending on your area, a streaming service could be a good option if you’re going to be watching games on your computer.
YouTube charges $65 a month Hulu with live TV and Fubo TV both run $55 a month.
Whatever you choose, you likely won’t have access to the MLB network, just the other major sports networks.
If you’re just after baseball coverage MLB.
TV will be streaming your out of market games for $60 for the entire season.
This is a good option if you don’t live near your favorite team.
Otherwise, you’ll only be able to watch half the season or the 30 away games live.
And wait until after the home game has finished, to watch it on demand.
And finally, don’t forget that Amazon Prime offers an MLB TV channel, that costs a bit extra for Prime members.
Again, you won’t get access to in market games, but you can also call up older classic games and even have a watch party to chat with your friends All cheering on your favorite team.
I’m kara Tsuboi with CNET for CBS News.

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