February 23, 2024

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How to save money on vacation home rental sites – Video

Staying at a vacation home is not only a way to have a more unique experience than in a hotel, but it can also save you money.
Here’s some other ways to save.
Planning ahead will give you the best selection of homes, the good deals, but quickly so as soon as you have your itinerary, start searching for houses.
Just be careful about reading the fine print and cancellation policy which could end up costing you money if plans change.
When you find a great spot, be sure to cross check your find on multiple sites.
Posts often cross list their properties at the same nightly rate but the fees the different services charge can vary widely.
Here’s a tip that could save you even more money.
If the home you like is managed by a third party and not the owner, try going to that third parties website.
When you rent directly from the rental management company, there’s a good chance you’ll save money on the booking fees.
If you feel like negotiating, try striking up a relationship with the owner of the property through the contact host tools.
Introduce yourself express how much you like the property and see if the host to offer a discount, your chances is higher if you’re booking last minute.
And finally if you wanna save on a spontaneous rental, try the app Wednesday, properties are listed at a fraction of a full price but only for month in advance San Francisco and cars to boy with CNET for CBS News.

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