February 25, 2024

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How to Remove Antispyware Soft – Get Rid of This Fake Spyware Easily

Antispyware Soft is from the same corrupt family as Antivirus Soft. These ‘brothers’ in PC crime do the usual, report fake security threats, attack your system with pop-up warnings, and bog your computer down. They take advantage of software vulnerabilities and make themselves comfortable deep in the recesses of your system’s hard drive and registry. The worst case scenario from an infection like this is your personal information stolen by a hacker, and possibly becoming a victim of identity theft. This is no joke, we’ve got to get rid of Antispyware Soft before it causes you any headaches.

This virus is especially annoying because it blocks many of your real programs, such as your internet browser, and more importantly, your virus scanner, if you have one installed. Sometimes the only way to get by this is by running your computer in safe mode and adjusting your system task manager.

But a good question to consider is HOW did you get infected? These viruses squirrel their way into your system through the use of Trojans and security holes. Often by browsing a ‘questionable’ website without an active virus scanner, the result can be an unneeded PC infection. As we’ve already stated, leaving a virus like this to its own methods can result in loss of money or worse, tampering of identity.

So how do we rid ourselves of Antispyware Soft?

If you go with the automatic method, it’s pretty simple. It’s what I choose. But first let’s review the manual method. If you are a PC expert then you will have to delve into your system’s registry and delete all registry values associated with the virus, located in your HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder and your HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder. Spot out system files such as DLL and LNK files with a TSSD filename. Then you will need to kill the process labeled [random]tssd.exe and delete any program files and folders with the name of the virus.

But like I said – you absolutely should not try a manual removal if you’re not a pro. Why? Because a single mistake can render your PC unbootable, which will end up costing you a lot more money than a piece of software would.

So having said that, I always recommend automatic removal. It scans your system, shows you where all the offending programs are hiding, cleans them all out, and best of all, protects your PC against future virus threats! You can surf the internet without worrying about your safety.

Are you tired of worrying about your safety and security? Remove Antispyware Soft before the hackers get to you, and surf the net in peace.