February 23, 2024

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Internet and technology are a blessing for us in this modern world but if not used correctly, with precautions, they can prove to be extremely harmful to us and to our identity. IP address or Internet Protocol address is a unique address which gives our device an identity in the wide world of internet. All the data and information flowing to or from your device occurs through this Internet Protocol Address. Although many people are not aware of this, the hacking of your IP address not only attacks your device but the hacker also uses your IP address in various cybercrimes. Therefore, it is recommended to protect your IP address from hackers by following ways:


Virtual private network is one of the most convenient, reliable and secure ways to protect your IP address from hackers and connect to the internet world easily. VPN hides and disguises your IP address and gives you a new, virtual IP address through which external traffic reaches your device. It converts your original data into a code which cannot be accessed by any cybercriminal or hacker. Since your original identity is hidden, therefore the hacker cannot reach your real IP address. There are many VPN software but the best amongst all is NordVPN. According to some NordVPN reviews, this is the most secure and reliable software and is highly affordable. It has more than 1500 IP addresses, therefore, you can easily choose your virtual IP address here.


Most of the hackers use different instant messaging or calling apps like Messenger or Skype to reach your IP address. Since its better to be safe than sorry that’s why change your privacy settings and avoid receiving calls from an unknown person. The hacker can immediately track your location and personal data once you reply to his messages or answer his calls. After you change your settings to ‘Private’ or ‘friends only’, the cybercriminals won’t be able to access your IP address easily.


Passwords act as barriers for hackers. The stronger and more unique the password is, the more it restricts and stops the cybercriminals from accessing your device. It is recommended not to use default passwords since they are very much prone to hacking. Instead use unique passwords that contain a variety of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. Also, change your passwords regularly since it decreases the hacker’s chance to hack your device. If you receive several emails on a daily basis, then changing your password every week and using a strong and different one should be your habit.

Hackers hack your Internet Protocol (IP) address to not just attack your device but also use your address to download illegal stuff or upload unauthorized content on the internet under your name that puts your identity on stake. Therefore, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. You should consider taking precautions in order to protect your IP address from hacking otherwise being sorry afterward won’t do any good.