June 18, 2024

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How to post NFTs on Instagram and Facebook

How to post NFTs on Instagram and Facebook

Meta (formerly Facebook) has announced that the social media giant will let users post their NFT art on platforms like Instagram & Facebook. Previously, up until now, we had options to use NFTs as profile pictures on platforms like Twitter, etc.,

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You can connect your Blockchain wallets like Rainbow, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and Dapper to your social media accounts and can start posting the valuable collectibles that you have kept safe in the crypto space.


Facebook said in a blog post

Timeline of NFT in Meta

Meta has been working on NFTs for quite some time now. They have had announcements regarding this in the past year. Let’s take a quick look at the timeline.

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  • March 2022 -> Mark Zuckerberg announced that NFTs are coming to Instagram very soon.
  • May 2022 -> First-level beta testing of NFTs with selected creators.
  • June 2022 -> More people were added to the testing process and was also announced that NFTs are coming to Facebook in addition to Instagram.
  • June 2022 -> First stable showcase of collectibles from creators primarily based in the United States.
  • July 2022 -> Worldwide support of NFT on Instagram in more than 100 countries.
  • August 2022 -> Posting NFTs on the Time on both Instagram & Facebook.

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In the coming months, we can expect to see more updates in the NFT space considering Meta is ramping up its efforts on a monthly basis.

How does it work?

Let’s see how this actually works on Facebook & Instagram when it comes to digital collectibles.

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  • Connecting to your digital wallet: First things first, you need to connect to your digital blockchain wallet. Once you connect them successfully, you can easily navigate around your NFTs from your wallet and share them on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Share NFT art: Whenever you share an NFT art on Facebook or Instagram, it’s a way for people to explore art and see details about the creator and the collector and other public information about the art.
  • Ownership: When you see art on Facebook or Instagram, the ownership details can be revealed based on the user’s privacy settings. Obviously, there is a pride factor in owning the art and also at the same time gives exposure to the humble creator who is behind the art anyway.

This is how it works and can even change for the better in the future.

Digital Collectible

Whenever you see a post that is actually an NFT, you will see a tag at the bottom left corner of the post saying Digital Collectible. Tapping on that would open up information like who owns it, and who created it, and also information like the blockchain in which it’s hosted.

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In addition to the ability to post your NFT collectibles, Meta is also working on adding custom animations and collections (like photo albums for NFTs). It was also reported that they are also working on bringing digital art to Instagram stories. In addition to that, Spark AR support will also be added digital collectibles which would let you add AR effects using the mobile camera.

“Creators today are using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to take more control over their work, their relationship with their communities, and how they can monetize. And in the future, we think NFTs will be critical for how people will buy, use and share virtual objects and experiences. We recently announced a way for people to showcase NFTs with digital collectibles, just one of the new technologies we’re exploring as we build for the metaverse.”

Meta in a blog Post

What other platforms are doing

When it comes to NFTs, Snapchat is also bringing up features where you can convert NFTs and import them to Snapchat Lenses. This feature will be tested in the coming months and from the reports, it seems like Snap will directly will a limited number of creators to create NFTs and then move forward with a wide spread of feature use to the millions of users across the world.

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It works in such a way that creators will create them, mint them in a blockchain platform and then convert them to be compatible with Snapchat Lenses.

When it comes to Twitter, the only thing you can do with NFTs as of now is the ability to set NFTs as profile pictures which would look obviously different from the normal profile picture that we would set. If you want to know more click on this article (How to use NFT as Twitter Profile Picture) here. We are not sure as to what plans Twitter have regarding NFTs but we can expect to see NFT tweets in the future.

Where this feature is going?

As of August 2022, we have support for 100 countries including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, etc., where users can post their NFTs as digital collectibles. With the new release, there is support for Coinbase Wallet and dapper. Also, you can post NFTs which are collected on the Flow blockchain platform.

Follow the accounts below to see posts that are digital collectible. These are Instagram accounts mostly but we can expect to see people who do posts like this on Facebook also.

As of now, you can see NFT collectibles only in these profiles and you can expect anyone and everyone to post NFT content in the future as soon as possible.

Meta has also assured in the blog post that they will continue to listen to feedback from the above creators and see how the NFTs feature can be improved before it will be set out to the general public hopefully by the end of the year or maybe early 2023.

Even though Mark Zuckerberg is primarily focused on metaverse projects with investments like $10 billion to build the most immersive virtual reality experience, the team has been focusing on building products for the blockchain space as well. The past year has not been great for Meta since there has been a drop in terms of revenue from the existing products.

If things work out well in the metaverse, then we can say that Meta will come back to its place in the Internet companies as the most thriving and growing companies.

In addition to that, Internet companies are moving towards building their own hardware devices like Snap VR, Oculus Headsets, Google Pixel, and so on. They are understanding that the real money is in selling products and updating them every year like how Apple became a trillion-dollar company.