September 29, 2023

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How to Get Rid of the System Guard Virus – Remove This Malware From Your Computer Easily

One infamous example of malware is the system guard virus. This program masquerades as a one-stop security solution, promoting that it will scan your PC for viruses, spyware, errors, and other miscellaneous confidentiality hazards. However, the fact of the matter is this program displays bogus and overstated security warnings that pose as valid. In reality it is malware and you need to ger rid if the system guard virus if it has installed itself on your computer.

The program is promoted via pop-up advertisements on various websites, which give the false warning that your computer is infected with some strain of malware. It leads you to believe that it would be best to proceed with their security scan to weed out and identify exactly what these perils are. Should you choose to click on the advertisement, you will be whisked to a site that simulates a legitimate security scanner. Upon “completion” (since in reality, nothing on your computer was scanned), a screen will appear to advise that security risks were identified on your system, and that you need to install system guard.

After installation this malware will embed an item into your system’s registry that triggers the software to automatically run every time your computer boots up. After booting and “scanning,” system guard will display bogus and overstated security warnings about your computer’s infection with viruses, spyware, privacy holes, and assorted errors. The program will advise that the only surefire way to remove these threats is to download the fee-based full version. However, do not be fooled by these sales tactics posing as legitimate threats, since, as mentioned previously, they are overblown at best, and downright lies at worst and you need to get rid of system guard virus to stop this.

In addition, while this malware is running, it will also constantly display advertisements for further rogue security programs. One recent test found at least three other closely related pieces of rogue software were advertised during operation. If you click on any of the announcements, they are downloaded to your computer automatically to cause you more problems.

These programs often give legitimate security scanning software a bad name, and make people hesitant when downloading a genuine, helpful product and the only solution to stop this is to get rid of it fast. To get rid of the system guard virus is a two step process.

#1 Download and run a system and registry scanner.

#2 Run a full system scan on your computer and get rid of any malicious software quickly. This includes system guard. Once you have done this your computer will run faster and safer. If you think your computer is infected scan it now.