September 29, 2023

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Headphone Cable Trouble Inspires Bluetooth Conversion


[adblu] encountered the at any time-present headphone issue with their Sennheiser Urbanite headphones – the cable broke. These headphones are respectable, and in spite of the cable troubles, really worth providing a new existence to. Cable replacement is usually an selection, but [adblu] decided to see – what would it take to make these headphones wireless? And while they’re at it, just how considerably battery existence could they get?

Armed with a CSR8635 Bluetooth audio receiver breakout module and a TP4056 charger, [adblu] went on rewiring the headphone internals. The CSR8635 presently has a speaker amplifier within, so connecting the headphones’ speakers did not have to have substantially energy – aside from normal soldering problems, as [adblu]’s soldering iron was too substantial for the modest pads on the BT module. They also identified a 2400mAh battery, and fit it inside of the headphone human body just after generous amounts of dremel do the job.

The result didn’t disappoint – not only does everything suit inside of the headphone human body, the headphones also supplied 165 hrs of new music playback at various volume. Electronics-smart, it really is that simple to retrofit your headphones with Bluetooth, but you can often go the more mile and style an intricate set of tailor made PCBs! If firmware hacks are more to your liking, you can use a CSR8645 module for your create and then mod its firmware.


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