May 27, 2022


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Glow In The Dark Computer Memory Illuminates The Fundamentals

Computer memory has taken on a lot of varieties around the decades, from mercury-based hold off-line tubes to handwoven magnetic main. These times, unstable storage utilizing semiconductors has come to be ubiquitous with computing, but what if there was a greater way? [Michael Kohn] has been working on a new conventional for laptop memory that takes advantage of glow in the darkish stickers.

Clearly we jest, nonetheless we’re even now mighty impressed by the demonstration. Eight pleasant star-formed phosphorescent stickers signify eight bits of memory, totaling a single byte. The glow in the dark substance is caught to the inside of of short cylinders, each individual of which includes a white LED and a phototransistor. The memory array is wired up to an iceFUN FPGA board, which is then connected through degree shifters to a Western Style Middle MENSCH one board personal computer.

To produce a ‘1’ to memory is as easy as producing to the corresponding memory address applying 6502/65C816 assembly language. Using the STA command will illuminate the white LED at that memory tackle, in switch irradiating the glow in the dim sticker and ‘saving’ the state. Conversely, LDA at the exact handle will study from the phototransistor, which picks up the glow (or lack thereof) emitted from the sticker.

A refresh cycle is required to sustain the 0s and 1s throughout the memory array as the phosphorescence fades, not dissimilar to modern DRAM demanding frequent recharging to maintain memory contents. The whole set up is a tangible demonstration of the fundamentals of risky computer memory, and would make for a enjoyment rookie challenge. [Michael] has more details on his web page and GitHub site.

Whilst the FPGA board has its have tiny set of blinkenlights, an 8-little bit RGB LED array would make this undertaking even brighter. out?v=4QUYWIOCYHQ

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