April 23, 2024

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Get the right tech to help you work from home – Video

Creating a home office workspace, obviously begins with a versatile desk and comfy chair.
But after that you’ll need to round out your setup with a smaller accessories and tools to help you get through the workday.
For starters invest in a proper keyboard and mouse A full size keyboard like the Logitech Ergo K 860 will not only be ergonomically correct, but could lead to faster typing or runs a little bit over $100 around the same price as the wireless Logitech mouse that will nicely complete your computer setup.
If you need to connect with your team over the phone a handy tool is $130 anchor power cloth Bluetooth speakerphone Six microphones can pick up sound from anywhere in the room and it completely eliminates the need to hold the phone to your ear or wear headphones.
If your colleagues like to video chat, zoom and Microsoft Teams are great online video conferencing services.
Both tools can scale from a couple of users to several hundred and base packages are free.
And if you have to show your face often, you might want to invest in a quality camera like the $50 Logitech C920 computer webcam.
And if you really just wanna focus and get some work done despite the other chaos in your household, get yourself a pair of noise canceling headphones With a great sound quality, a comfortable fit and a long battery life, this pair from Sony is well worth the nearly $300.
For more tech recommendations visit cnet.com in San Francisco I’m Kara Tsuboi, CNET for CBS News

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