September 29, 2023

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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra reviewed, new BlackBerry phones in 2021 – Video

This is CNET and here are the stories that mattered this week.
Reviews of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are in and while the phone is a great performer and loaded with tonnes of impressive specs, it’s really expensive for the current moment.
So it’s a very large almost awkwardly so and it’s unsightly rear camera bump is not a welcome addition.
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[SOUND] Speaking of phones, there will be new blackberry phones in 2021.
A company called Onward mobility will offer 5G blackberry branded phones with physical keyboards running Android the first half of next year.
These new devices will be available in North America and Europe at launch.
TCL the previous license holder of the BlackBerry brand has already announced it would discontinue sales of its blackberry phones by August of 2020.
And finally, Apple and epics legal battle dramatically escalated.
What began as an argument over Epic Games wanting to charge players directly for in game items for its hit game fortnight.
Instead of using Apple’s payment system, and the up to 30% commission of charges, has turned into a battle that threatened stuff and game development across the industry.
After Apple kicked fortnight and it’s more than 250 million players from the App Store last week, epic said in a Monday court filing the iPhone maker is further threatening to ban the Unreal Engine code it offers to outside game developers.
To help them make apps of their own.
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