June 18, 2024

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Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt


from the so-sayeth dept

This week, our initial place winner on the insightful facet is Naughty Aughtie with a comment about Peter Brimelow and VDARE, and especially their earlier statements about how “America is not a melting pot”:

Accurate, America is not a ‘melting pot’. On the other hand, it has been multicultural at any time considering that white people very first invaded and occupied it in the late 15th century (10th century if you depend the Vikings). All those Conservatives (and others) that say they want to “keep The united states American” must get out of the country en masse and leave it to the men and women who were there initial: indigenous People.

In next area, it is That A single Man with a remark about CBS’s ongoing DMCA statements from Halo Television set display evaluate videos:

For the reason that why not?

“CBS, meanwhile, gets to glance like a bullying jerk that either doesn’t know how fair use operates, or just doesn’t like the content in some of Indignant Joe’s reviews, which are rather destructive when it comes to the quality of the display. As he’s pointed out in some of his films, this didn’t look to transpire when he was being constructive in his evaluations, suggesting that it is not purely about the “copyright” concern.”

While I surely would not discounted vindictive spite it appears a 3rd solution was still left out: They’re professing the vids basically because they can and it is no-hard work and possibility-free dollars from their point of view.

With no a penalty for bogus promises there is actually no purpose not to assert almost everything as all the issues are on the other aspect of the equation, felt by the receiver somewhat than the sender even if the claims are blatantly bogus and in violation of honest use.

For editor’s selection on the insightful side, we start out out with a comment from James Burkhardt in reaction to the accusation that it’s hypocritical of Techdirt to criticize Netflix’s pivot on password sharing:

Ah. This chesnut. What Netflix can do legally, and what netflix should do (be that morally, ethically, or fiscally) are not the identical thing.

Techdirt each argues that social media firms have the lawful correct to engage in moderation how they see suit, whilst concurrently contacting out behavior they see as detrimental, either to the brand name or to the base line.

In this case, although Netflix has the lawful ideal by means of agreement law to prohibit password sharing, Techdirt argues that the solution is badly thought of, and these possibilities have in the previous harmed the corporations partaking in them. That netflix’s selections are probably to speed up subscriber losses as identical possibilities accelerated wire-slicing.

There is no hypocrisy in the argument that netflix has the contractual right to prohibit password sharing but that it is a stupid choice they will probably regret.

Up coming, it’s danderbandit with one particular far more comment about Netflix:

The irony appears to be missing on them

Observing heaps of simultaneous tales about decline of customers, selling price hikes, banning password sharing.

As if it is all just a coincidence. SMFH.

In excess of on the humorous aspect, our initial area winner is davec with a remark about cops remaining requested to return seized income:

If cops can not hold onto revenue they took by miscalculation, no just one will want to be cops.

In next position, it is a different remark from That A single Man, this time in response to another person trotting out the old criticism that one particular of our posts “isn’t about tech”:

I likewise was drastically dismayed to come across out that a channel referred to as ‘Fox’ was not in simple fact focused on fox movies, specifics and trivia. Actually I feel your pain and you have my condolences for your easy to understand confusion.

For editor’s selection on the amusing aspect, we begin out with a comment from Walt offering a suggestion for the cops who consider to

Other much better infringement suggestions

They should really costume in Disney character costumes although out on patrol.

Last but not least, it’s an anonymous dilemma for a commenter who was defending the honor of dowsers and spoke of an upcoming annual conference:

You heading to have instructions, or is anyone intrigued likely to have to dowse their way their to establish their loyalty to the religion?

That’s all for this week, folks!


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