December 8, 2023

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Free Technology for Teachers: Timelapse and Virtual Field Trip


This morning my focus was grabbed by a BBC video clip titled Utah’s Great Salt Lake is Jogging Out of H2o. It is a interesting online video about the disorders that have contributed to the Great Salt Lake shrinking by just about two-thirds in this century. Spoiler inform: drought isn’t the largest contributor to the shrinkage. 

Looking at the BBC’s online video about Good Salt Lake prompted me to do a little hunting for a lot more data about the lake and its ecosystem. That search led me to a several factors value sharing with students. 

In Google Earth you can look at timelapse imagery of Wonderful Salt Lake. In the desktop variation of Google Earth you can look at imagery dating back again to the 1970s. In the website version of Google Earth you can check out imagery relationship back again to the1980s. Both equally will enable you see the shrinking shoreline of the lake above the last handful of a long time. Here is a shorter Google-generated movie of the timelapse imagery of Good Salt Lake. On a connected note, here is how to locate timelapse imagery in Google Earth.
Previous yr The Purely natural Heritage Museum of Utah generated Virtual Field Trip – Excellent Salt Lake. This 10 minute movie that will take college students from the origins of Excellent Salt Lake through today. Together the way students can learn about alterations to the lake’s h2o stage and ecosystem.

The Genetic Science Mastering Centre hosted by the University of Utah features a handful of resources for encouraging college students learn about the Terrific Salt Lake ecosystem. Those sources include things like an interactive meals world-wide-web, an interactive brine shrimp lifecycle display, and an interactive map of Terrific Salt Lake microenvironments.


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