June 18, 2024

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Four Tips to Buy Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

AliExpress is not a store in itself, but a marketplace where mostly Chinese seller’s market products for the rest of the world. That means that the same product can be in fifty different vendors at fifty different prices.

Before buying on AliExpress anything they call Xiaomi or “Mi”, always check the relationship that product has with the brand. In this post, we give you tips for buying Best Xiaomi Products online.

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Let’s go!

  • Higher Price Is Not Higher Quality

As we said earlier, you can get the same product offered by different sellers at different prices. Logically, that does not mean that the one that sells it more expensive guarantees more quality.

So before buying ensure you are not paying more than the product is worth. Of course, once you have identified who has the product you are interested in, you should also look at the customer reviews.

  • Xiaomi Is Not All That Glitters

Whether it’s a boot dryer, a phone or a television set, when you search for what you are looking for in AliExpress, you will see results with the Mi logo in the corner of the image.

Have you ever wondered how a single brand can be able to produce so much and so varied? Even if they are Chinese, doing so much productivity and innovation is hard to believe!

The answer is simple: Most AliExpress products advertised as Xiaomi have nothing to do with it. AliExpress sellers are aware of the pull of the Xiaomi (or Mi) brand beyond the Chinese borders, so they label any product that has a minimal relationship with Xiaomi, the product may be real or not.

  • Benefit From Local Shipping

When AliExpress was born, a few years ago, there was nothing left but to wait for the order to arrive from China. Now, fortunately, things have improved a lot and the most popular products can sometimes be found with shipping from your country.

Yes, there is indeed a small extra cost compared to ordering directly from China, but you also have the guarantee that it will arrive in a few days and without problems with customs.

Remember also that if you live in the USA or Europe, you can benefit from customs-free shipments since there are, sellers with warehouses there.

  • Search Stores With Seniority And Reputation

Before opting for an AliExpress seller it is essential to check three things:

  • Percentage of positive store ratings: it appears under the name of the seller and the higher the better.
  • Average product rating: Xiaomi’s product will be the same, but reviews from other buyers will trick you if the seller takes two months to send it or sends it dented.
  • Store age: Taking several years is an unquestionable sign of good service since Aliexpress is relentless with stores that do not comply.

The last detail that usually gives good vibes is the number of sales of the product that you want. You will see that there are stores that accumulate a lot of sales of the same product compared to others. There must be a reason!

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