December 5, 2023

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Falling Down The Labyrinth With Wooden Microphone Design


It employed to be that when we highlighted one particular of [Frank Olson]’s Diy ribbon microphone builds, it was normal to emphasis on the truth that he was making them virtually solely from wood. But despite how counterintuitive it could appear, and for as numerous reviews as we get that his microphones should not operate with out metallic in the ribbon motors, microphones like this wooden RCA Product 77 reproduction both of those seem and sound great.

But ironically, this homage capabilities a important piece that is basically not designed of wood. The 77’s pickup pattern was cardioid, earning for a directional mic that picked up sound best from the front, thanks to an acoustic labyrinth that improved the route duration for incoming sound waves. [Frank]’s labyrinth was produced from epoxy resin poured into a mold manufactured from significant paper, generating a cylinder with several parallel tunnels. The tops and bottoms of adjacent tunnels had been connected collectively, building an acoustic route around a meter extensive. The ribbon motor, as near to a duplicate of the primary as feasible making use of wood, sits atop the labyrinth block’s output underneath a wooden veneer shell that does its ideal to imitate the basic pill-shaped windscreen of the authentic. The movie under, which of course was narrated applying the mic, demonstrates its development in detail.

If you want to look at out [Frank]’s other wood microphones, and you ought to, examine out the stunning Product 44 replica that appears to be ready for [Sinatra], or the Bk-5-like mics he whipped up for drum package recording.


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