February 23, 2024

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Facebook takes a tougher stance against QAnon content


Facebook is cracking down on QAnon content.

Angela Lang/CNET

Facebook said Tuesday that it will take down Facebook pages, groups and Instagram accounts representing QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory that falsely alleges that there’s a “deep state” plot against President Donald Trump.

The social network said it would remove these type of pages, groups and accounts even if they don’t contain violent content, a move that shows the company is taking strong action against political misinformation. In August, Facebook said that it would remove these QAnon accounts, pages and groups when they discussed potential violence but would limit the reach of users tied to the movement. 

Facebook said it’s taking a tougher stance against QAnon content because it’s seen posts that included different forms of harm such as false claims that certain groups started the west coast wildfires. 

“Additionally, QAnon messaging changes very quickly and we see networks of supporters build an audience with one message and then quickly pivot to another. We aim to combat this more effectively with this update that strengthens and expands our enforcement against the conspiracy theory movement,” the company said.

Facebook said it removed more than 1,500 QAnon Pages and Groups that contained discussions of potential violence. The company also pulled down more 6,500 Pages and Groups tied to more than 300 militarized social movements.

At the same time, the company has been criticized by advocacy groups and politicians for not acting quickly enough to curb the spread of QAnon content. Facebook said it would start enforcing the new policy against QAnon content now, but that “this work will take time and need to continue in the coming days and weeks.”

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