May 28, 2022


Future Technology

Soldering iron tip heating up a piece of wire wrapped around the metal parts of a MicroUSB socket, with melted solder heating up all the important parts.

Desoldering Without Hot Air: Piece Of Wire Edition

Quite a handful of hackers at present share their recommendations and methods on Twitter – it is simple to do so, and delivered possibly an present viewers or a little bit of hard work to get just one, you’ll get at the very least a number of notifications telling you that men and women appreciated what you experienced to share. Currently, we’re covering two desoldering hacks highlighted there that will be handy some day, accurately when you will need them. Both equally of them use a piece of wire and, in a way, increase the achieve of your soldering iron’s tip. Copper wire would operate much better because of outstanding thermal conductivity, but other types of solid core wire will operate in a pinch.

1st hack is introduced to us by [Erin Rose] – desoldering a microUSB socket. You require to warmth up the total defend and the pins at the identical time, which the wire functions as a thermal gateway for. As very long as there are melted solder bridges from sections of the wire to all the copper-to-part connection points, it really should be quick to pump sufficient warmth into the solder joints for all of them to inevitably melt and give in at when.

Next hack is brought to us by [arturo182]. A piece of thick wire functions, once more, as a heat conductor to desolder a .5mm pitch TQFP-100 package deal IC. You have to bend the wire into a accurate shape, so that it is as close to the pins of the TQFP as probable. In this condition, the wire performs two functions: initial, transferring the heat from the iron’s suggestion to various points together the wire, then, as a barrier that assists solder not escape also much away from the pins. Copious quantities of flux very likely ideal for this one particular!

Hopefully, this comes helpful if you at any time want to switch an all-SMD part ASAP but do not have a warm air gun or a hotplate helpful. Just after getting this principle down to an artwork, we are certain you will not limit oneself to TQFP pieces and MicroUSB sockets. We’ve talked about desoldering procedures in advance of as aspect of our e-newsletter, and using lots of melted solder for portion removing is not a foreign principle to us, possibly.

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