June 18, 2024

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Custom photo gifts to keep in touch with loved ones – Video

Keeping in touch with loved ones is a challenge especially on holidays, birthdays and other special occasions.
Here’s some gadgets or gifts built online with digital tools that will bring a smile no matter how far away you are.
There are a lot of digital picture frames on the market.
But aura frames are not only beautiful but so simple to use.
Whether you send one as a gift or order for yourself, upload an unlimited amount of photos to the frame through the easy to use corresponding app.
Share the app with family members to all contribute pics to the same frame.
Frame start around $200 at aura frames.com.
If you’re looking to send someone actual photographs, consider a framed set from mix tiles.
Simply upload your pictures and they’ll be enlarged to fit into eight inch by eight inch frames for instant gallery wall, they stick with adhesive for easy moving and adjusting.
Each frame cost $12 a total bargain, but they’re often promotions and sales through the website mixtiles.com For custom keepsake, check out the art from get smirky.com upload a photo of a loved one and the services artists will render it to look hand drawn on a solid coloured background and simply framed with or without text.
This is a stunning gift for around $100, I’m Kara Tsuboi with CNET for CBS News.

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