July 23, 2024

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Can’t be with your friends? Play games with them over Zoom – Video

Every night can now be game night with friends.
Here are some creative tweaks of your old favorite games and some new ones all specifically designed to be played over zoom.
One of the simplest games to adapt to zoom in long distance play is bingo, go to bingo maker calm to create your FREE virtual game, set all the rules and then invite friends with the password.
Some of your old favorites have gotten a high tech upgrade.
Play taboo.com, automatically generates new cards so you can play the classic word guessing game with friends from afar.
categoriesonline.net, is a huge community of players.
You could join this well known category game with strangers or create your own game in terms of email private link to friends.
if you enjoy Pictionary, then you’ll love Skribbl.
Visit skribbl.io to create a private room for your friends.
You could even come up with custom words or phrases for your group to have to draw.
Send the unique game link to them and start playing.
Codenames is a well-known analog game now adapted to a web version where you can play for free.
Log on to horse paste com and click Go to get a unique user ID for your friends to also use to log on to.
Take turns being the spymaster to uncover your team’s words.
Cahoots is a more involved game but also allows you to create your own trivia quizzes.
Use the template and come up with fun questions about your family or friends.
Share the game ID and your screen on zoom and play it.
And finally, jackbox games offers a collection of party games you have to pay for but offers endless fun for large groups.
And if you like escape rooms, try the paid virtual version online through escape room.com.
For more online tips and tricks, visit cnet.com.
I’m Kara Tsuboi with CNET for CBS News.

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