May 28, 2022


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Can You Help Solve The Mystery Of This 1930s TV?

Can You Help Solve The Mystery Of This 1930s TV?

84 many years in the past, a teen designed a Television set set in a basement in Hammond, Indiana. The teenager was a radio newbie, [John Anderson W9YEI], and since it was the late 1930s the set was a exceptional establish — just one of incredibly several in existence built to capture just one of the to start with experimental Tv set transmitters on air at the time, W9XZV in Chicago. We know about it because of its mention in a 1973 talk radio exhibit, and since that gave a tantalizing description it is caught the curiosity of [Bill Meara, N2CQR]. He’s monitoring down whatever details he can obtain by means of a sequence of site posts, and however he’s identified a lot of interesting stuff about early Television set sets he’s making a plea for much more. Any Television set set in the late ’30s was worthy of be aware, so is there everyone else out there who has a tale about this just one?

The established itself was explained as an aluminium chassis with a very small 1″ CRT, a little something which for a 1930s experimenter would have been an highly-priced and unique component. He’s found facts of a modern established printed in a journal, and seeking at its circuit diagram we were straight away struck by how rather basic the circuit of an electrostatically-deflected Tv set is. Its tuned radio frequency (TRF) radio entrance close is undoubtedly archaic, but something that possibly designed some perception in 1939 when there was only a single channel to be received. We hope that [Bill] manages to flip up additional information.

We’ve covered some early Tv get the job done below not so extended ago, but if you fancy a go yourself it is not nevertheless way too late to be a part of the bash.

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