May 26, 2022


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Business Use of Wavemaker Mobile App Development Platform

Mobile App Development Platform - WaveMaker Mobile applications

For enterprises, during the development of apps, integration is difficult. So, the wavemaker has the functionality of drag and drop. Because of this platform, enterprises can easily deliver front-end features with back-end integration by using an agile approach.

Wavemaker’s mobile app development platform has extended security to speed up the delivery of secure apps. It has further added security to protect apps from threats like foreign attacks and cross-site scripting. Integrating mobile apps with third-party services is made possible by OAuth 2.0 authorization support. Wavemaker Mobile app development platform Single Sign-on integration ensures security throughout all mobile applications.

The Integration of Mobile app development platform:

·         Easily create micro-apps on any enterprise system and publish them to users in real-time without requiring app store approval.

·         Distribution and Single Sign-On of all micro-apps within a single application, as well as analytical monitoring of adoption and usage of enterprise applications.

·         Group context-sensitive micro apps by role, department, location, etc., and enable fast, Google-like search for enterprise apps.

·         Pre-Built suite of ‘ready-to-use’ micro-apps for different Industry verticals to boost collaboration. With pre-built communication and messaging capabilities, you can easily collaborate with the apps.

Is it Suitable for Everyone?

Wavemaker Mobile app development platform can help individuals and organizations of any size, even without their experience. It can help them to build, create, customize, and distribute their apps according to their business needs. Even if individuals or organizations don’t know any coding then, this platform helps to build apps.

Does it Provide a Simple building?

Wavemaker has made the process of building apps. The development of enterprise-grade multi-device applications has become easy because of this open low code development platform. Users can easily make custom apps of their choice. These apps can be delivered through a web browser or installed on their devices, allowing them to be customized and extended.

A visual build of an application allows forms, tables, and interactive charts to be easily incorporated. Furthermore, the Internet offers a variety of modern, responsive interfaces that enable multichannel consumption. Platform users can also add widgets to their apps to create functional, attractive apps based on a wide range of themes and templates.

Final Verdict:

Wavemaker Mobile app development platform for the development and deployment of applications. It assists customers throughout the app development process, providing everything you need to build an app, including fantastic, easy-to-use technology and industry-leading support.

Customers can launch an application that meets their exact requirements, works alongside existing systems, and impresses users, starting with development and integration and ending with security and deployment.

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