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batting tees

Batting tees help improve the fundamentals of a good batting swing. They are designed to present the ball at different heights so you can adjust your swing accordingly. They allow you to spend hours practicing on your own and away from the diamond. So which batting tee is best for you? We have reviewed a wide range of tees and made the following recommendations for you to consider purchasing.

Tanner batting tee

Built for professionals:
Tanner heavy premium batting tee

Staff Pick

The Tanner Heavy batting tee is a favorite amongst professional players because of its incredible durability. Not just baseball players, but softball and slow pitch players love it also as it won’t “creep” forward after each hit. The base weighs 10 pounds and has three points of contact with the ground keeping it stationary whether you place it over the home plate or any flat surface. The solid steel frame has a telescopic height adjusting stem to present the ball anywhere in the strike zone to further hone your skills. What’s more, if you have other Tanner made tees, these stems are interchangeable.

$115 at Amazon

JugsT batting tee

Nearly a staff pick:
Jugs T – pro-style batting tee

The Jugs T-Pro Style Batting tee is probably the most durable, stable, and portable of any batting tees. There is no need for any extra-base weight for the stem. It will not topple over. A patented interlocking bolt system prevents the upper tee stem from slipping, and the Grip-N-Go handle, also patented, makes for quick transport. Despite the high-quality features, the Jugs T-Pro is relatively cheap.

$95 at Amazon

Atec3 batting tee

Made to last:
ATEC T3 professional batting tee

The ATEC T3 Batting tee is a rugged design with a patented quick-release system that gives the hitter the ability to set up and disassemble it in seconds. The smooth telescopic arm allows the adjustment setting, of the ball height, for anywhere within the strike zone, and a helically wrapped cone offers minimum resistance during contact. The hitter gets optimal feedback in each swing. How sweet it feels!

$99.95 at Amazon

Easton batting tee

Add a bit of color:

The Easton Square It Up is an ultra-durable tee with an 8-pound rubber base to keep it stable during hitting. The telescope rods adjust the ball height from 23-inches to 44-inches. The tee base is made from heavy-duty rubber while the rods are constructed from aluminum and fiberglass. A simple twist and lock mechanism connect the tee to the base.

$56 at Amazon

MacGregor batting tee

Classic design:
MacGregor batting tee

The MacGregor Batting Tee is suitable for baseball, softball, and T-ball players. Made from durable plastic and rubber with a solid metal base, this tee can be used in any kind of weather. It’s ideal for training players of all ages and is relatively cheap.

$26 at Amazon

Champion batting tee

For the budget aware coaches:
Champion Sports 90 deluxe batting tee

If you’re looking for a cheap batting tee that is still sturdy, then the Champion Sports 90 Deluxe should be your choice. The telescopic stem is made from steel, while the base is made from heavy-duty rubber, which creates a long-lasting combination. The ball height is effortless to change with the telescopic stem making it ideal for players of all ages.

$20 at Amazon

SKLZ5Pos batting tee

Best 5-position batting tee:
SKLZ adjustable 5-position

Enhance your game by using the SKLZ Adjustable 5-position batting tee to show the ball at the outside, over and inside the plate. The height is adjustable from 20-inches to 34-inches, and the whole tee is constructed from durable plastic. Simply move the position of the stem from one base plate hole to the next to get a feel of the ball in different areas of the strike zone. The SKLZ batting tee is suitable for baseball and softball

$36 at Amazon

OscarMiller batting tess

Multi-position tee:
Oscar Millers Swing Rite batting tee

A different style of the tee to the rest, this Schutt designed batting tee allows you to easily work the whole strike zone. It consists of two tees with nob-bottoms that fit into any one of 48 holes pre-set into the base. The large base has the home plate painted on it for positional awareness. It folds up into a compact package for easy storage and transportation.

$200 at Amazon

Perfect that swing with the perfect batting tee

An ultimate batting tee is one that will positively affect your game. It’s one that will set you up with a smooth swing wherever the ball appears in the strike zone. When the timing and the swing are in synch, boy does it feel good. We believe our staff pick will help you get there faster. The Tanner heavy premium batting tee is extremely popular with the professional players, and that can’t be bad. Aside from its crazy stability, the new materials also make it extra weatherproof. It is suitable for use anywhere, so your practice never needs to take a rest.

For ease of moving the ball around the strike zone, without shifting your weight, we recommend the SKLZ adjustable 5-position batting tee. You can easily move the stem into five possible positions across the strike zone to compare how your weight and leg positioning needs to change with the ball location. Hopefully, the swing won’t alter much, and the hit is still as sweet.

Whichever tee you choose, rest assured your batting game will improve provided you are putting the time into practicing.

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