September 28, 2023

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Asus Zenfone 7 Pro review: A bulky 5G phone with flipping cool cameras – Video

You’re looking at the ZenFone 7 Pro.
ASUS’s is new flagship phone but just like its predecessor, this phone’s claim to fame is its flipped camera
Flipping camera aside this phone has got a lot going for it.
It’s got 5G, a large 5000 Milliamp hour battery, a super powerful Snapdragon 865 plus chips.
Set and an uninterrupted display.
But along with this upgrade and features Asus also upgraded the price to levels that are tough to justify.
2019 ZenFone 6
Started for just $499.
But the Zenfone seven pro starts at around $940 after converting from euros and the base Zenfone seven costs roughly $830.
If the Zenfone six was a flagship killer, this is a full fledged flagship.
There is no official US dollar price because unfortunately, A Soos has no plans to release the foam there.
And let’s also take into consideration some of its drawbacks,for instance, there is no water resistance on this phone.
I mean it does have a flip camera after all.
And there is no support for wireless charging.
The camera unit is composed of three lenses that smoothly flip over the top of the phone with a click on the touchscreen This allows you to use its higher resolution cameras which are normally reserved.
For the back of the phone as a front facing shooters because of this, Asus eliminated the front camera altogether delivering on a completely uninterrupted display on the Zenfone Pro.
Many of you might remember the flipping camera from the Zenfone six when it was first introduced.
For the Zenfone 7 series A Soos upgraded the flip cameras motor to one that it says is smoother, more durable and more versatile due to the addition of a new angle sensor.
The flip cam is quoted to endure 200,000 flips, lasting you about five years or twice as long as the Zenfone 6.
Of course, I can’t speak to the durability of the phone but it has a good track record in the week or so that I’ve spent using it.
I’ve had fun with a flip camera and I think it’s a cool and clever solution that’s well thought out and integrated with us features allowed me to get creative and shoot pictures from different angles that I probably would have never shot
Apart from the avant garde flip camera setup, the sheer size and weight of the Zenfone seven pro was the next thing I noticed about it.
It’s one of the heaviest phones I’ve used and I often find myself navigating it with two hands.
The Zenfone seven pro features a 6.67 inch an OLED display with 90 hertz refresh rates.
This is higher than most phones which have 60 hertz displays, meaning the screen refreshes 60 times a second.
The phone runs on Android 10 out of the box and have a customized skin known as in NUI.
It reminds me a stock Android but overall I found it clean, simple and easy to navigate.
On the right side of the handset, there’s two buttons which include volume control and a fingerprint reader that doubles up A power button and it can also be customised.
Beside fingerprint works seamlessly and was easy to get used to.
At the bottom you’ll find the USB type C port, a microphone and a notification LED but unfortunately for Wired headphone fans this time around the Zenfone does not have headphone jack
Back to the camera, the zenfone 7 pro has three cameras, a 64 megapixel sensor that uses Sony’s IMS 686 flagship sensor.
12 megapixel ultra wide lens with 113 degree field of view and an eight megapixel telephoto lens.
The telephoto lens is new to the seven pro and it can zoom up to 12 times but at that level photos look too Grainy in general However, this camera took sharp environment pictures and standard sunlight conditions indoors and even an overcast weather.
low light imaging was pretty good too and it did well brightening up dark environments.
portrait mode though wasn’t great and often blurred out detail and texture.
As for video, the Zenfone seven pro supports up to 8k video at 30 frames per second with.
A feature that can also be used from the front.
Thanks to the flip camera.
Now asis prides itself on the unbeatable endurance of its battery.
So I was looking forward to experiencing Zen phones seemingly endless battery life.
And it did not disappoint.
Though the battery capacity didn’t increase with the next gen phone ASoos added more battery care features and a faster 30 watt charger.
One new feature is the option to enable always slow charging, which the company says helps preserve battery capacity in the long run.
When the battery did finally run out, I managed to fully charge it within a half Hundred minutes or so which is more than the quoted 93 minutes using the bundle charger.
So there’s my thoughts on the Asus Zenfone seven pro, will you be buying this phone or was the price bumped too steep?
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