June 18, 2024

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Are Mobile Website & Responsive Web Design Two Different Things?

Building a responsive website is critical

Now is the era of mobile devices such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab and Macbook Air, etc. All of such devices are available in the market in many different screen sizes. This has compelled the companies to adjust their own websites to be workable on the mobile devices of different screen sizes, and it matters a lot when it comes to responsive website development. Be it booking a cinema ticket, ordering lunch or buying your favorite pair of shoes, everything you do is on your mobile. If one site doesn’t work properly on someone’s mobile, there are hundred others selling the same stuff where they can switch. This is why, going mobile is essential if you want your brand to survive.

What to know more?

A responsive website comprises of the same links and pages, but it changes to fit your mobile screen and that is more amazing. In order to make it happen, the developers of a website mostly employ two very different sorts of web design, it can be either a separate mobile website or a sophisticated responsive web design. Although both of them are meant to serve the same purpose, there are very big differences among these two.

· Mobile Website

A mobile website is mostly easier to build and it does not require too much work, and that is why website developers can easily make it for mobile devices in days of launching their big-sized website. Most of the times, a mobile website may cost cheaper as it does not require much effort to build it. All of us have experienced a mobile website and often times it does not have the most organized pages to work with. It is because mostly mobile websites do not fit on many different screen sizes. For instance, if you load a page on your smartphone and then look at your iPad, you may notice that the page fits on the screen of the smartphone, but not on the tablet.

· Responsive Web Design

Responsive website development is costlier as compared to getting a separate mobile site because of the skill effort that this needs. But this investment pays off in the long run. Responsive web design works well on all screen sizes. A responsive web design makes you able to choose the locations of specific buttons and makes developer know how they will like their website to adjust to the screens of all the devices.


Before finalizing which one of them will be your first choice, you should make up your mind that how much you can invest in building a website and if you go for a responsive website development then you have to be ready to invest a generous amount, but it will surely pay off better both in short run and long run.